6 lucky Bamboo plant benefits in home

Bamboo plant benefits in home:- People are very fond of home decoration. Along with this, people nowadays also make a small garden near their house and also plant many plants in it for decoration. If you want happiness and peace in the house, then you can plant a bamboo tree in that small garden. The bamboo tree provides health as well as positive energy. Let us know about the benefits of planting the bamboo tree and in which direction it is right to plant it.

6 Bamboo plant benefits in home

According to Feng Sui, which is the architecture of China, planting bamboo trees in the house creates an atmosphere of happiness and enhances harmony. It is also very good in appearance, so you can give it to your friends or relatives at any festival or special occasion. It removes negative energy from the house and brings positive energy, which also keeps the health right. Using it at home brings prosperity and peace to the house.

By planting a bamboo tree in the house, diseases are removed from the house and the body remains healthy.
With this, you can also decorate your house. Applying it at home gives good luck and good results. The planting of the bamboo trees brings wealth to the house and the owner of the house does not face any financial problem.

1. Best for Good Luck

According to Feng Shui, bamboo plants are also called good luck plants. They bring good luck and auspicious results. You can also give bamboo plants as a gift to your loved ones.

2. Helpful in Progress

It is also considered a symbol of progress. As the plant grows, so does the progress of the members of the household.

3. Good for health

Keeping bamboo plants, which are considered auspicious from the point of view of health, increases the life of the members of the house like bamboo plants. Keeping bamboo plants in the east direction keeps the health of the members of the house good.

4. Increases Wealth

Keeping this plant in the east-south direction brings wealth and wealth to the house.

5. Removes negativity and brings happiness.

Bamboo plants are full of positive energy. The presence of bamboo plants attracts positive energy towards itself, which always creates an atmosphere of happiness in the house.

6. Bamboo plant is a symbol of love

If you are single, then plant a 2 stack bamboo plant in your house.

Plant Bamboo Plant in this direction – Where to place a lucky bamboo

It is considered better to Best lucky bamboo plant in India 2021 in the southeast direction because planting in this direction keeps peace in the house and brings wealth. Keep these things in mind when planting a bamboo tree. Do not place it near the window or in a place where the sun is straight. This will burn the plant and spoil it. Don’t forget it even after hanging it. This will spoil the plant and negative energy will come into the house. It can be easily placed on the home’s dining table or any part of the house for decoration. Keep in mind that this plant should not wither away.

Bonsai bamboo plants are linked with the feng shui practice of keeping auspicious bamboo plants, which bring good luck and fortune to the lives of people. Keeping the bonsai bamboo in our house is believed to dispel negativity and promote positivity in the surroundings. As per feng shui, it brings prosperity and harmony in the place where it is kept. It is an ideal decorative item for your home, office, and other surroundings where you want the free-flowing energy and soothing ambiance. This article discusses the top bonsai bamboo providers that deliver high-quality lucky bamboo plants for indoor placement.

1.Real Nature 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plant benefits in home

This is a popular feng shui plant that energizes the place where it is kept. It is widely gifted to others as a lucky plant. It adds to the home and office décor. You can keep it on your work desk, living room table, or on the shelves with other decorative items in the drawing-room Bamboo plant benefits in home

The two stalks of this bonsai plant are gifted by people to their loved ones as an expression of love. The number 2 also signifies the doubling of one’s luck. This set of natural bonsai bamboo stalks comes within an attractive glass pot. The plant height is approx 6 inches, and the pot height is around 3 inches.

2.Abana Homes Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plant benefits in home

As per feng shui philosophy, this three-layered good luck plant is believed to bring three kinds of luck in the lives of people, including happiness (Fu), long life (Soh), and wealth (Lu). It is considered as the auspicious plant that brings positivity and generates a flow of positive energy in your surroundings wherever it is kept in your home or office.

This set of bonsai bamboo stalks comes with a glass bowl that looks appealing. It is an ideal item for your home or office decor. It can be gifted on numerous occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, business opening, housewarming, Diwali, Christmas, new year, etc. As claimed by the provider, all the supplied bamboo plants are maintained strong and healthy with full leaves.

3.Ferns’ N’ Petals 2 Layer Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plant benefits in home

It is a 2 layered bonsai bamboo plant that can be gifted to your loved ones as an expression of love. It is also believed to double the luck of receivers. It comes with an attractive white plastic pot that measures 3×3 inches. The height of the plant plus pot is approx 7 inches. The pot bears the logo of the brand ferns n petals. It is meant for indoor placement at your home or office. It is considered as the lucky plant that brings prosperity by maintaining the flow of positive energy.

It generates the energy flow from within to the outside world. It helps individuals to stay calm and concentrate better. It is an environmentally friendly gift item for various occasions such as Diwali, rakhi, wedding, anniversary, etc. It enhances the aesthetics of your home, office, and living area. You can also keep it on your work desk or study table for bringing prosperity, fresh air, luck, and long life.

4.Lucky Leafy 3 Layer Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo plant benefits in home

This lucky bamboo plant is believed to bring great fortune and good luck to the owners. It is an ideal gift item for almost any occasion, including Diwali, new year, wedding, birthday, new home, new business offices, etc. It features an attractive orchid metallic pot that makes it a classic decorative item. It is a reusable pot that can be used as home décor for keeping other things.

Best lucky bamboo plant in India 2021 It is designed for indoor placement and can be placed in your bedroom, kitchen garden, or living room; or on your office desk or dining table. The dimensions of the package measure 5x5x4.8 inches. The pot is prepared from an unbreakable and sturdy metallic material. The package comprises one unit 3 layer lucky bamboo, and one unit of the brass metal orchid pot.

Tips for Maintaining a Bonsai Bamboo Plant

  • Always keep your bamboo plants inside your home and at dry places
  • Whenever you see yellow leaves, cut them instantly
  • Ensure to maintain room temperature in the range 18 degrees to 28 degrees
  • Replace water at least twice a week and use distilled or filtered water
  • Ensure to keep the water level above the roots of the plant
  • Clean the bamboo stalks with fresh water after every 15 days
  • Maintain a proper level of water and avoid over-watering as well as under-watering
  • Don’t expose your bamboo plants to direct sunlight; instead, ensure that your plant receives 3-4 hours of filtered light daily
  • Ensure to maintain a clean and hygienic environment near your plant and remove dust, clutter, dirt regularly

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