Best boAt Earphones Under 500 India 2022

If you are looking for the best boAt earphones under 500, then this article is just for you. When you hear boAt earphones, the first thing that appears in your mind is the premium quality and expensive earphones.

Recently within the last few years, the boat has captured a lot of the Indian market in almost all budget ranges. The boat has a manufacturing plant in China. That’s why their manufacturing cost is pretty low, that’s why they will offer us earphones at a very cheap price with high quality.

boAt earphones are famous for their sound quality and build quality. Their earphones are perfect for all kinds of people, such as you can use them while running, working, calling, etc. 

We have collected the best 5 boAt earphones under 500. It has both wired and wireless as well, you can choose the best one out of it that you like. So let’s begin. 

5 best boAt earphones under 500 

1.boAt Bassheads 100

Best boAt Earphones Under 500 India 2022

These boAt Bassheads 100 earphones have very good music quality beyond looking at his price. It has good bass and even the mic is also working fabulously. If you are looking for a wired earphone under 500 then definitely you need to check out this.

Boat products are always good and value for money. These Bassheads 100 are available in more than 12+ colors. It has a 3.5 mm wired Jack. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. With the earphones you will get some additional 4 earplugs inside it, with all different sizes, you can choose it based on your ear size. 

These earphones look very stylish and Fancy. It comes with 10 mm drivers. And also the cable quality and Length is too good and enough for regular use. But, sometimes the sound comes low. When you just need to shake the cable, it will be working properly. 

You need to do proper care of it, otherwise, it wouldn’t work if you get more stretched. 

2. boAt Bassheads 152

Best boAt Earphones Under 500 India 2022

Another boAt Bassheads 152, with amazing Design and quality. Similarly to the Bassheads 100, it comes with similar features and accessories. With that, it comes with another 12+ Colors Option while buying it. It is quite more expensive than the above variant. 

Its durability is also good, but it depends on us how we are using it. But it seems it is a wired one if the wired gets easily dispatched. But there is no compromise in performance. After unboxing it you will get 3 pairs of extra plugs, which means different don’t have to fear losing one. 

It looks very premium in hand. Its cable is made up of silicone or rubber-like while touching. This cable is flat so there is very little chance of it getting tangled. Buttons also feel metal and work well enough. 

3. boAt Bassheads 102

Best boAt Earphones Under 500 India 2022

Another fantastic and gorgeous-looking series of boAt Bassheads collection is model number 102. Many people have been using these earphones for years but haven’t found any issues with them. It was the first choice of people in the budget range of headphones.

One of the most common and attractive things about boAt is the fancy color option that they gave to their customers. Similar to other products of boAt it has five different color options with amazing color combinations. Also, the magnetic feature of these headphones helps cable to not jumble easily. 

But one negative point of this is that it doesn’t cancel noise and the bass quality is average. It is not for those people who work with headphones for 5 to 6 hours. It is just made for general use. It has very cool durability. And available in different types of sizes. 

4. boAt Bassheads 105

Best boAt Earphones Under 500 India 2022

This 105 model has provided an unexpecting quality beyond looking at its price. It is a half-ear earphone and perfectly fits out in our ears. It has a very clear and good amount of bass sound. It has a very comfortable design as well that helps us to carry it easily.

But while calling on these earphones we need to keep the mic near our mouth to have a clear voice to others. It is very lightweight and fancy looking as well. It is worth the money or you can say more than that.

Noise cancellation is also not working very properly as of its price. Similarly to the above variant of it, it has 5 different types of color options and each has a different color in each variant.

5. boAt Bassheads 163

Best boAt Earphones Under 500 India 2022

The last and final one of the boAt Bassheads series is the 162. In this variant of boat headphones, you will get only three different types of color. It is another masterpiece by boat. You will get a very very rich output when you play music at more than 70% of volume. 

The design is very awesome, and the build quality is also too good. Noise cancellation also works pretty well. But bass is not that good as compared to other products of boAt. Durability is also awesome in it.

Even after using it for years and years, no certain critical issues haven’t been found in it. Even in some cases, it seems waterproof as well, but the company doesn’t claim it. One bad point of it is the mic quality is not that good. 

A final judgment of boAt earphones under 500

Hopefully, our article helps you to choose the best boAt earphones under 500. We have given you an honest review about all the above 5 boAt earphones, you can choose whatever you like or whatever you need. If you can extend your budget by 1k then you must look out for wireless earphones.

There are so many critical issues you need to face with wired earphones. But in the case of wireless, it doesn’t appear. Each of them has its benefits. But our final suggestion is that you must check out the pros and cons of it, before buying any product that is simply found on our website.

Hope you will like this article, please share it with your friends, hope that they have it. Thank you! 


Does this boAt Bassheads edition supports the iPad pro?

Yes definitely, it supports all types of devices.

Do these boAt Bassheads editions have Dolby support?

Yes, these earphones have Dolby support in them.

Are both Bassheads edition earphones made up of metal or plastic?

These edition ear heads are made up of plastic.