Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India (july-2021)

Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India

Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India
Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India

If you are going to buy a wall fan Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India, then there are 25 to 30 percent of people who buy the wrong wall fan, the question of anyone’s mind is,

what type of wall fan should you buy, how much should be the size of the power, how much should it be? Electricity will consumption, what type of blades should be fitted,

how much should be its speed settings, these are many things that confuse you in buying a good wall fan, Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India if you have the same question then today all your questions in this blog Will answer

Why does wall fan buy?

First of all, if you are going to buy a wall fan, then the Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans in India is that it is compact to easy to use. You can mount a wall fan very easily and in the compression of a table fan, They are better because they can cool more space and cause more air to flow, due to which your room or any large space easily reaches the air in every corner.

Blade type

Talking about the wall fen blades, there are 2 types of blades in the wall fan, one comes in metal and the other comes in plastic. I will always adjust the fan with a plastic blade because if you take a wall fan with a plastic blade. So the power will cost less because plastic blades are lighter and longer-lasting and plastic blades are safer. The compression of a mantle blade makes the plastic blades flow more air.


Whether it is to be mounted on the wall in the cafe in the office or in a public place, in the kitchen of your house, then they are the best because they do not take up much space, you can mount them in a suitable place anywhere, so table fans. According to the wall, the fen is better there are some things when we go to buy a wall fan, then it should be detachable because if it is in the frame then it should be detachable also because if you have to move it somewhere, then you can easily apply it on top of its size. If you talk about the swing in your area, then the wall fan can move easily in both directions.

You can see its speed setting, how much speed you want for your wall fan, and the maximum fan has 4 settings, the speed is the same, so it is all good, which you should always take care of before other wall fansNow, I will share with you the list of those fans that I have taken in my list and these are the fans who are the best available in the market right now. We have reviewed and after using them, what is their feedback and have made a list after taking all these things into consideration and we have given below a review of all these products, if you buy any of these products, you are less than the market. Will get on rate now we see which are the Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India available in the market

 1.V-Guard Esfera RW 16 Remote Wall Fan

Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India

V-Guard Wall Fan are the models that have been used in the household for a long time. It is one of the most preferred brands of wall fans, hence they are used to control the temperature and circulate the air all within the room.One of the most preferred brands, V-Guard consumes lesser power than ceiling fans and operates at a voltage of 230 Volts. The motor of the fan is very powerful, thus making it durable and long-lasting. The fan comes with three different speed controls, thus making it a unique value proposition.

  • The product is easy to use.
  • Manual control of the product, hence no need to learn new technology.
  • The product comes with the required warranty
  • Breeze is not as powerful as expected.

 2.Enamic UK || All Purpose 3 in 1 Fan (Wall, Table and Ceiling

Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India

Make in India campaign has got a booster dose by the government of India. Enamic UK Happy Home is a product of the make in India campaign. The fan is made completely in India, with a robust framework and durable motor the operation, thus making it one of the best indigenous fans which are available.With a speed of more than 1300 rotations per minute and customizable tilting and rotating mechanism, the wall fan is a perfect substitute for the ceiling fan.

  • Multiple speeds of operation of the fan, thus making it customized.
  • Oscillation of the fan can be controlled by the wires which can be pulled.
  • The product works in very high speed but consumes less voltage, thus efficient.
  • Product is complained to be noisier compared to other products

 3.Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm – 55-Watt Wall Fan

Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India

Adorably designed Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Wall Fan provides an enriching experience as it blows air to cover the entire room. Consuming power as less as 55 Watts, the small genius, operating in 230 V has robust motor quality that ensures powerful air delivery across the entire room.The fan can be used either in your residential home or in your office building, due to its sober and sleek exterior. Sweeping an area of 400 mm, Usha Mist Air Ultra 400mm Wall Fan gives a cooling experience to all its users.

  • Air delivery is of nice quality since it is very efficient in nature
  • The product comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • Head oscillation is very smooth and jerk-free.
  • Reported being less noisy by users.
  • Installation of the fan becomes a cumbersome process.
  • Design defect with the plastic cover has been reported by consumers.

4.Luminous Fanfare 400mm 55-Watt Wall Fan

Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India

Luminous Fanfare 400mm 55-Watt Wall Fan is a fan for all generations as it is very easy to use without any need to learn new technicalities. One of the most efficient fans with a sweep area of 400 mm and blowing maximum air across the entire room. The raw materials used for the manufacture of the fan are of high quality with the best design.Made of aluminium, the fan promises to bring a wonderful blow of fresh air into your home or office, wherever fixed. The efficiency of the fan is very high since it uses lesser power to generate more cooling.

  • Exquisite design of the fan, making it decorate your room.
  • Proper distribution of the air, thus making the room cooler.
  • Controlling of the wall-mounted fan and its oscillation are easier.
  • Creates unnecessary noise
  • More number of fans are required if the room size is bigger

5.Crompton HiFlo Wave 16-inch Wall Mount Fan

Best Designer Wall Mounted Fans India

With the ability of throw air in a unidirectional way as well as the ability to reach the corners of the room, Crompton HiFlo Wave 16-inch Wall Mount Fan  is the perfect model to enjoy the breath of cool air during the summers.  Noiseless, exquisitely designed and perfect for any environment, the fan is well-manufactured to meet the needs of everyone.The fan has speed controlling feature along with the oscillating head, which helps in throwing the air to all corners of the room.

  • The blades have an authentic look and provide tremendous safety.
  • The speed can be controlled easily using the buttons in the speed control panel.
  • The sweeparea of the fan is 400 mm and the volume covered is 70 cubic meters/minute.
  • HSLV operation, high-speed low voltage consumption operation.
  • Tilt movement of the fan is not satisfactory for the users.

The Advantage of Wall Mount Fans

Wall mount fans are not a thing of the past. It has become the new fad amongst the generations, thus making it more of a necessity. Have we ever wondered about the advantages associated with the wall-mounted fan.  Let us have a look at the advantages:

  • The air circulation in the wall mount fans has an effect across the entire room thus the air distribution is very well balanced, making it one of the major advantages of the wall mount fans.
  • Temperature control and ventilation are the advantages provided by the wall mount fan. The wall mount fans help in reducing the temperature during the summers by keeping the room moderate and increasing the temperature in winters.
  • If you have a thermostat in your house, the effect of the thermostat is enhanced if the wall mount fans are used.
  • Have you ever wondered, how to place the ceiling fan so that it reaches that particular corner of the room? Exactly! This is when wall mount fans come to the rescue, the oddly shaped corners in the room can be ventilated and air can be made to pass to those areas if the wall mount fans are positioned in the right way.
  • Compared to the pedestal fans, these fans are mounted, hence they don’t occupy the ceiling space as well as the floor space. The space on the floor is kept clear from any obstruction, thus making them more walkable.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Wall Fans in India:

Does blade size affect the effectiveness of a table or wall fan?

Blade size does affect the effectiveness of a fan, but it is not the only thing that determines effectiveness. Factors like revolutions per minute and capacity for generating air thrust are also defining elements of a fan’s efficiency.

What type of fan is best suited for smaller spaces?

The best type of fan suited for smaller spaces is a wall fan. Wall fans work by pushing as well as oscillating the air across the area, which causes optimal wind in a small space.

Do wall fans and table fans consume more electricity than ceiling fans?

No, wall fans and table fans don’t consume more electricity than ceiling fans. Instead, wall fans table fans are smaller in size, and hence their energy consumption is a lot lesser than that of ceiling fans.

What is the best construction material for fan blades?

The best construction material for fan blades should be high-grade plastic or fibre. These materials are durable and also easy to clear. They are also resistant to catching current and are hence safer than metals.

What is the most important and yet underrated quality in a table fan?

Many qualities make a good table fan, but one thing that determines a good table fan has a steady base. If your table has a weak or unsteady base, then it will be prone to fall and other damages.

What are the main qualities that those who are on a budget should look in a fan?

Those who are on a budget should primarily look for three things. The first thing should be energy efficiency, and the second thing should be the availability of good warranty coverage.

What is a very important feature required in a wall fan?

Even though many things make a good wall fan but being lightweight is very important for wall fans as it makes it easier to get installed in a wall. If a fan is heavy, then it might not get steadily attached to thin walls.

What is RPM in a fan?

RPM stands for revolutions per minute. RPMs denotes how many turns a fan takes in a minute. The higher RPM a fan has, the higher the speed intensity it can offer. On average, a high-intensity fan will not be less than 100 revolutions per minute. RPMs are a significant marker of how efficient and modern your fan is.

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