Best Dslr Camera Under 60000 in India (July-2021)

Are you venturing into the world of photography? Want to explore your creative eye and preserve all the beautiful moments in your daily life or while travelling? Getting the Best Dslr Camera Under 60000 would be a great move. You might argue that getting a high-end smartphone or point-and-shoot camera would also do the trick.

But it can’t match the detailing and quality a DSLR can offer on images, and moreover, it gives you complete control over every aspect. The under 60K range serves as a good start unless you are a professional photographer.

However, making the ideal choice for a DSLR is a much more challenging task, so we have come to the rescue with our guide. Rather than sticking to popular brands like Nikon and Canon, we have explored various other brands that offer high-performance DSLRs. Here we have picked five Best Dslr Camera Under 60000 in India that will be ideal for daily life or when you embark on a journey to the Himalayas.

Top 5 Best Dslr Camera Under 60000

1.Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y 24.3 MP Mirrorless Digital SLR Camera


Best Dslr Camera Under 60000

Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L may not seem like a popular choice when it comes to buying the best DSLR under 60000 rupees, but it won’t ever let you regret it. Thanks to the 24.3 MP Exmor ™ APS HD CMOS sensor, it treats you with the high-end image quality of a professional DSLR but in compact body size.

However, the main impact in the image quality is made by the Bionz X image processing engine that captures a detailed and sharp image with actual colour reproduction. Enjoy capturing incredible low light photos with its 100 to 25600 ISO range and that too without facing many grainy issues. Stay assured you will always be pampered with steady shots even when you are shooting in windy weather, and the credit goes to steady optical images.

The image sensor is coupled with a 4D Focus that facilitates you to capture fast-moving objects with outstanding clarity and crispness. What’s more? This one of the best mirrorless cameras under 60000 also offers 179 AF points and Eye AF so you can take explicit photos and make a bokeh effect while capturing portraits.

With up to 11 fps continuous shooting and AF tracking, you can expect to capture all the finer moments with superior tracking performance. The OLED Tru-Finder EVF with four aspherical lenses is simply fantastic as it gets 100% frame coverage and comprehensive view to let you capture what you see. Backed by an NP-FW50 W-series battery, it enables you to catch numerous shots and 1hr video with ease.

Despite being a compact DSLR under 60000, 6000L gets you terrific full HD videos at 60fps, meaning you can get professional-level video quality while you shoot video during travel. Coupled with a tilting screen and a lot of customization, this camera makes it extremely simple to capture the moments you want to record from varying angles.

You will be surprised to know that this compact camera supports up to 54 mirrorless lenses and gives you loads of options to explore your different creative side. Once you have captured all the beautiful moments, you can instantly send them to your smartphone or cast them on TV through Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth transferring facility.

  • Impressive fast and accurate focusing.
  • Seamless Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity.
  • Jaw-dropping color and high-iso images.
  • Razor-sharp clarity.
  • Smooth full HD 60fps recording without any stuttering.
  • Highly sensitive eye sensor.
  • Lacks touch-screen.

2.Panasonic LUMIX G7 16.00 MP 4K Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera

Best Dslr Camera Under 60000

When it comes to professional level image and video performance at a budget, then Panasonic Lumix G7 serves as a popular choice to many. The biggest of this DSLR is it can shoot 4K videos and photos with more detail than any best Canon DSLR under 60000 range. Not only can you shoot 4K videos at 30fps, but you can shoot super smooth 60fps videos in full HD resolution.

The 16.00 MP camera pixel might seem low when compared to any budget Canon DSLR with Wi-Fi, but the Live MOS sensor makes the main difference. Framing beautiful shoots directly under sunlight has always been a problem, but G7 solves it by offering an OLED live viewfinder with 100,000:1 contrast for the perfect capture.

The combination of the Venus engine with an improved noise reduction system allows you to beautiful low-light photos up to 25600 ISO. Getting low-light object photos or starlight images, is extremely easy, and the credit goes to the low-lift AF and starlight AF along with -4EV option. When it comes to focusing, it outperforms even the best DSLR camera under 60000 with its high-speed autofocusing with DFD technology and 49AF points.

Moreover, it is loaded with numerous focus modes ranging from face, eye detection, AF-C, AF-F, Pinpoint to AF assist lamp. It also gets a great explore control with a 1728-zone multi-pattern sensing system and paves the path for you to capture all the details.

The interface of this camera is highly intuitive, and all the functions are properly spread out so that you can easily control them with your finger. Plus, it gets a meticulous and compact body design that makes it easy to hold for long hours, especially in outdoor areas.

Loaded with USB 2.0, micro HDMI Type D, 3.5mm external audio port, and remote port, you won’t ever face any problem in terms of connectivity. However, the power backup isn’t tremendous and offers only 360 images, which is relatively less than any top DSLR under 35000. Panasonic has supplied a 14-42mm kit lens with this camera, and we think it would cater to most of your basic needs.

  • Easy to hold and carry.
  • Crisp and clear 4K videos and photos.
  • Multiple AF options, including starlight.
  • Swift shutter speed with the silent shooting.
  • It offers great EVF.
  • Accurate color reproduction.
  • Slow 4K photos processing speed.
  • Poor dynamic range.
  • The build quality could have been better.

3.Canon PowerShot SX540HS 20.3MP Digital Camera


Best Dslr Camera Under 60000


If you are looking for a high-quality DSLR camera under 50k, then SX540IS is the best camera for you. It has 20.3 megapixels and Dual DIGIC 5 Image Processors & a 50x optical zoom. With its 9-point autofocus system, the camera is capable of capturing clear images even in low light conditions.

This DSLR Camera, with its 20.3 MegaPixel high-resolution sensor, 50x Optical Zoom (28mm Wide-angle to 560mm Telephoto), DIGIC 4+ Image Processor and 6.0 cm/2.4 inch PureColor II Touch LCD display, is the ultimate compact camera solution for amateur and professional filmmakers alike.

The high-speed 50x optical zoom lens can capture images from far away with sharp detail. And with a 20.3-megapixel resolution, you’ll be able to print your favorite images in large sizes or crop them without losing any detail. Whether you’re capturing fast action or a majestic landscape, the PowerShot SX540 HS can help you get the shot and preserve your memories.

This is a high-performance camera featuring a 20.3MP 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor and DIGIC 6 image processor. It is capable of recording video in Full HD 1080p at 60p or capturing images continuously at 9 fps with its 50x optical zoom lens, plus features the Hybrid Auto (Hybrid Auto) and Hybrid Image Stabilization technologies for steady images and videos.

The PowerShot SX540 HS solves this problem by bringing together an amazing focal range and the power of a 1.0-inch, 20.3 Megapixel High Sensitivity CMOS sensor for the best pictures under low light. Its super-fast max ISO 25600 helps you capture clear, detailed images of subjects that are further away.A new, wider zooming ratio of 50x lets you get close to the action so you can capture every detail with apparent ease.

  • 080P HD video capture (up to 15 minutes) .
  • 5x Optical Zoom (28 – 545mm) .
  • 3″ LCD screen .
  • Able to take wide angle shots in low light conditions .
  • Built in WiFI for quick sharing online with their easy photo uploader app.
  • The camera’s flash creates red night vision pictures.

4.Nikon D3500 Digital SLR Camera


Best Dslr Camera Under 60000


Nikon D 3500 is a low-cost DSLR camera with Nikon DX-Format CMOS Sensor. It has a 24.2MP resolution making it capable to capture HD quality images and 1080p videos. The camera comes with a 152,000 max-iso sensitivity enabling it to capture clear images in darker situations.

This DSLR Camera is an easy to use and quick to capture compact and lightweight DSLR camera featuring a DX-format 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor with no optical low-pass filter, 45-point Multi-CAM 4800DX autofocus system, as well as a powerful burst rate of 5 frames per second. An excellent option for the entry-level enthusiast digital SLR user, or those looking to step up from a smartphone.

This DSLR Camera takes stunning aerial photography and makes it easy for anyone. This is thanks to the combination of a powerful sensor, intuitive controls, and cutting-edge features like Subject Tracking AF and added SnapBridge functionality for seamless transfer of images to your smartphone, even without a Wi-Fi connection.

You can shoot continuously at 5 frames per second, fire off up to 7fps with AF tracking to capture the action or enjoy full-time live view monitoring with smooth automatic focus adjustments, all aided by Nikon’s 100% frame coverage DPreviewing system. What’s more, is that you can shoot in any mode at any time without switching lenses.

The top of the range Nikon D3500 DSLR camera offers you professional image quality and a wide range of high-performance functionality and innovative design at an outstanding price. A great option for technology enthusiasts who wish to enhance their photography skills and serve as a DSRL for life.

With its APS-C sensor, high-resolution image processing engine, and wireless capabilities, Nikon D3500 is the right choice for the kind of photography you have in mind. The sensor and processor combination is also well-suited to a wide variety of shooting situations, from landscapes and portraits to illuminated wedding venues.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Image quality is great for the price.
  • Ergonomic grip is nice and makes it easy to hold steady or throw in your bag.
  • The built in WiFI is highly effective.
  • It takes pretty much the same photos as a D3400.

5.Nikon D5600 Digital Camera


Best Dslr Camera Under 60000


Without a shadow of a doubt, Nikon D5600 is probably the best DSLR under 40 thousand rupees that you can find in the market. Loaded with a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor and EXPEED D image processing unit, it facilitates stand out from the crowd with jaw-dropping videos and images. With D5600’s powerful sensor and image processor, you can create fantastic full HD 60fps videos without any flickering issue.

It even comes with inbuilt time-lapse features that facilitate you to extend your creative boundary and bring a spark in your Instagram travel profile. When you couple this DSLR with an 18-55mm kit lens, you will be able to capture images with mind-boggling clarity, low-noise, and detailing.

Whether you want to shoot in dawn, mid-day, or dusk, outdoor light will never ruin your photos, and the credit goes to the 100-25600 ISO that offers incredible low-light performance. Capture your favourite shots with wide dynamic ranges and every detail, and it has been possible due to the inbuilt HDR.

This DSLR camera under 60000 range will never let you miss any moment, and it is due to the 39 AF points and super fast 5fps shooting capability. The viewfinder is another aspect of any DSLR, and that is why it comes with a pentamirror single-lens reflex viewfinder. It has been designed in such a way with intuitive control and vari-angle touch-screen, you won’t have to compromise while bringing an artistic finishing touch in your shoots.

If you compare DSLR cameras India at the budget range, hardly any model will be able to outplay this camera in battery longevity. The EN-EL14a rechargeable battery will allow you to take around 970 high-resolution shots. Moreover, it is incredibly lightweight and comes with a monocoque structure that makes it extremely easy to use.

Connectivity will never be a problem for you as it is loaded with options that include HDMI Type C, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC. Like every Nikon DSLR, this camera also comes with SnapBridge so you can instantly transfer your videos and images to your smartphone. Importantly, it doesn’t require much maintenance because it offers a dust-reduction system with a dust-off reference photo.

  • Best-in-class image quality.
  • Compact and easy to handle.
  • Long battery life.
  • Top-notch in-camera image processing.
  • Superfast AF and single shot speed.
  • No 4K support.
  • Poor buffer depth.
  • Lacks inbuilt autofocus motor.



What features should I consider when buying a DSLR camera?

The Quick Guide to Digital Cameras says that you should look for an optical viewfinder, face detection, auto-focus point selection or tracking, manual ISO settings control and image stabilization. But the article also mentions that buying an expensive camera with these features could be overkill because you’re just going to end up using it for outdoor photography anyways. A cheaper DSLR would still offer image quality in outdoor conditions as good as most other cameras.

What difference does it make if I shoot with a full frame or crop frame sensor?

It’s worth noting that most of the pictures we see online are shot with either a full frame or crop sensor cameras. The reason for this is because in the camera world full frame cameras are expensive and most amateurs shoot on crop sensors instead.

How do I keep the dust off my sensor?

It’s not possible to clean your sensor without using special anti-static brushes. Which can be bought from your local photo store and is used to clean the dust out of electrical apparatus. But, you should always remember to use this brush only on your camera, never use it on an external appliance such as computer or TV. The reason is that although these brushes are very useful in cleaning electronic components from dust they will damage your camera if used on it.

What’s it like to shoot a wedding in the tropics?

It doesn’t get much better than this! Shooting weddings during the Christmas and Easter season is another bonus, as you can expect beautiful sunsets all year round. However, these seasons are usually the most expensive times of the year to hire a photographer (unless you are looking for a polar shot!). The same applies to wedding photography in the summer and spring, Christmas and Easter, however some people believe that it is worth paying a bit extra for this. Although depending on your style of photography and personality, you may find that you prefer different photo-scenes during these seasons.

What advice would you give to a beginner trying to take good pictures with digital camera?

The first picture that you take should be of the camera itself. This way, if anything breaks you’ll know what went wrong and won’t repeat the mistake again. It is also recommended that the first picture should be taken in a dark room or at night so that it’s easier to see and check for errors.

What lens should I buy for my DSLR?

It depends on what you want to do with it. If you are just shooting at home, then some of the superzoom lenses are massively popular with hobbyists. But, if you want a good lens for shooting landscapes then either the 18mm or 12mm is usually recommended by most professionals. The reason being that they have a wider angle of view than standard lenses making it easier to ‘cheat’ and get more depth in your landscapes. However, if you shoot portraits outdoors or like to photograph flowers etc.


Photography is a creative hobby and art that relies on the photographer and the camera. Our guide will take you through all the top DSLR camera under 60000 so that you won’t have to brainstorm before buying. You can go for cameras in higher ranges, but as a beginner, it would not be very reasonable to invest in them as you won’t be able to explore all the functionalities thoroughly.

The under Rs 60000 range serves as an excellent choice for everyone as all the DSLR comes with all the required functionalities. Most importantly, many of the cameras also offer lenses in the package, so you won’t have to invest more. We hope we have been able to guide you in the right way, and if you need any further assistance, we are just one email away.