Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan For Indian Cooking (Offer-2021)

best kitchen exhaust fan for indian cooking

Best kitchen exhaust fan for indian cooking:-In most of the households, there is a problem of bad odor in the kitchen bathroom, due to which there is little ventilation in the room nowadays, exhaust fans have started being used to remove the accident, due to which the exhaust fans are now our kitchen and bathroom Have become an essential part of. These exhaust fans are helpful in removing bad odor from those places.

Nowadays people use kitchen fan in large quantities to take the requirement of fresh air in the house on a large scale due to which it also helps in reducing the humidity level in the house. And greatly help in improving air quality. Exhaust fans play a very important role in providing a fresh atmosphere inside the kitchen and bathroom of your home.

Exhaust fans take out the bad air of your home’s kitchen and bathroom, and both the exhaust fans of the kitchen and the bathroom work in the same way, there is no difference in it, exhaust fans protect your family from diseases caused by accident.

While cooking food in the kitchen, the tempering in the vegetable especially gives your family more trouble. Smoke and air coming from the kitchen spreads throughout the house due to which other people of the family also have to face it, so you have exhaust fans Should be installed in the kitchen and bathroom of your home

There are many types of exhaust fans available in the market, in today’s age everyone knows about what exhaust fans need at home and how exhaust fans work and there are different reasons why exhaust fans are better than others.

To overcome your everyday work stress, we have given some FAQs which is a comprehensive buying guide for you followed by the top 11 Best exhaust fans India that will help you buy these exhaust fans.

How Does Exhaust fans Work?

Exhaust fans replace the hot and air that is humid oxygen. Exhaust fans suck out of the air that is humid a small area so the oxygen can flow inside from a vent or perhaps a door.

The hot and atmosphere that is humid is sucked from an exhaust fan is pulled with the help of the ducting system and then forced out of your bathrooms or kitchen. These fans are mostly used in the kitchen and bathroom because the majority of the steam and odors which can be bad formed here.

A few of the modern exhaust fans are prepared with sensors that automatically sense steam and bad odour and activate themselves to flush away most of the bad air to impart nice and air that is fresh. Many of the exhaust fans is controlled because of the help of a remote.

This will make an fan that is exhaust user-friendly and easy to operate. You are able to also get a handle on the speed of the exhaust fan as per your need. Many associated with exhaust fans come with speed settings so the settings can be handled by you according to your requirement.

11 Best kitchen exhaust fan for indian cooking

Crompton Brisk Air 200mm Exhaust Fan

best kitchen exhaust fan for indian cooking

Crompton is definitely a brand that is old has launched some outstanding products. One of many products from their collection is Crompton Brisk Air 200 mm Exhaust Fan (White). This product is something you wouldn’t normally regret buying it.

It will help in providing atmosphere that is proper at your house . and keeps both you and your family healthy and fit. Therefore, without any ado that is further the product before it fades of the shelves.

Crompton Brisk Air 200 mm Exhaust Fan Main Features

  • This exhaust fan would work to be installed at your bathrooms and kitchens.
  • It’s a very ventilating that is high-speed that vents out all of the bad odors from your own bathroom andkitchen in just a short while.
  • The sleek and design that is elegant of exhaust fan adds beauty and charm to your beautiful decor.
  • It is very light in weight so you can certainly do this without the hassle or stress if you need to alter the placement of your fan.
  • It’s additionally rustproof making it highly durable.
  • It features a body that is plastic sharp synthetic blades.
  • The speed of the fan is 2730 RPM which is great to provide airflow that is good.
  • The air delivery of this fan is 460 CU M/Min.
  • It comes with two years warranty on the product.
  • It consumes a power of 50 Watts.

Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan 

best kitchen exhaust fan for indian cooking

Usha has been one of the very brands that are trusted the electrical appliances used in our home, and has now promised the users with the many unique and special products every time. One product that is such has been among the brand new additions in the marketplace in the ranges of exhaust fans could be the Usha Crisp Air 200mm Exhaust Fan1.

It is sold with a guarantee that is 2-year the merchandise which helps it to get replaced in the event of any production defects. The ability usage is quite low, and it turns out to be an option that is efficient your bathrooms in addition to kitchens.

Usha Crisp Air 200mm Sweep Main Features

  • High Suction at low noise with aerodynamically designed blades
  • Light weight fan for easy installation. Ideal for duct size of 9.5X 9.5 Inches
  • Sleek and Stylish design: Ideal for any bathroom or kitchen
  • Powerful 100% copper motor ensures robust performance
  • Automatic back shutters to protect against foreign objects
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Country of origin: China

Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan

best kitchen exhaust fan for indian cooking

Havells is a very old and brand that is trusted has continued to provide its Indian customers with utmost respect. They’ve never let its customers down by delivering worthless items. They utilize the technology that is latest to develop their products.

Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan is an excellent item which has sprung up available in the market that is indian. It offers some fantastic traits which produce performance that is extraordinary.

Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan Main Features

  • This exhaust fan can anywhere be installed where you need proper ventilation. They may be installed in kitchen area, bathroom, or room.
  • It is made from high-quality metal body and blades that helps in drawing out all the odour that is bad from your space and provides you a nice environment in your house.
  • It has three blades that are razor-sharp distribute the air uniformly in the room.
  • This exhaust fan uses a charged power of 40 Watts which will not raise your power bills.
  • It just creates a noise of 40 to 50 dB which keeps your household quiet and relaxed.
  • The installation procedure for this fan is very simple.
  • The sweep distance is of 230 mm, and also the working speed is 1350 rpm that will be exemplary to supply airflow that is optimum.
  • This exhaust fan has a distribution that is minimum of 700 cubic meters per minute to quickly eliminates the bad odour from the room.
  • A bird is had by it guard that protects the fan while running which makes it highly durable.
  • It has a powder-coated finish that is metallic.

Orpat Plastic Cross Air Ventilation Fan 

best kitchen exhaust fan for indian cooking

Orpat Plastic Cross Air Ventilation Fan This brand is very popular and will be offering products which are only out of the package.Ventilation Fan 6 inches is consideration that is worth you are planning to buy a product that keeps a new environment at your home. It is sturdy in nature and robust in design.

This has some amazing features that would provide you with air that is fresh enough time. So, without any ado that is further this unique ORPAT Ventilation Fan 6 inch.

Orpat Plastic Cross Air Fan Main Features

  • Motor speed: 1275 rpm
  • Type: exhaust fan
  • Long life and power saving
  • Power consumption: 40 wt

Havells Ventilair DB 300mm Exhaust Fan

best kitchen exhaust fan for indian cooking

Havells Ventilair DB 300mm Exhaust Fan also this one the most designs that are typical needs become latched to the wall surface with help of the screws. This model of exhaust fan can be acquired in a normal colour that is green should not be a problem whenever it really is being installed in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

The engine has copper that is pure and there’s also a double ball bearing assembly to make certain that the use and tear are minimal. The fan is slightly heavy due to the metal construction plus it has 4 blades in total which throws the air out and ensures a clean and room that is comfortable. Then we’d surely recommend you to choose because of this exhaust fan from Havells in the event that you do not mind spending a little extra.

Havells Ventilair DB 300mm Exhaust Fan Main Features

  • Fan sweep area: 300 MM; Fan body dimension (Length x Width x Depth): 395MM x 395MM x 210MM
  • Double ball bearings heavy duty motor
  • Contact_us on: [ 18001031313 ]
  • Protective bird guard is provided
  • Robust construction
  • Power: 70 watts. Guard : 36 Spokes. Noise level : 40-45 dB
  • Air delivery : 1850 m³/h
  • Warranty: 2 years on product

Bajaj Maxima 150Mm Exhaust Fan

best kitchen exhaust fan for indian cooking

Bajaj is additionally another home brand name in India which is known for its quality products. The brand name has a great deal of value in Indian markets and it additionally manufactures products within the cost range that is economical. Bajaj Maximum exhaust fan is a perfect one for the home and bathroom as it has 5 blades and rust-free construction that is synthetic.

You may also install this fan that is exhaust the glass window or other such materials without any problem. The plastic utilized here is of good quality because well so durability is certain. The backside comes with automatic guards that flip open as soon as you turn on the exhaust fan and then flip straight back to shut a position as soon as you turn the exhaust fan off.

Bajaj Maxima 150Mm Exhaust Fan Main Features

  • Available in sweeps of 150 mm 200 mm and 300 mm
  • This exhaust fan has a power rating of 24 watts with air delivery of 270 Cu M/h
  • Can be installed on the glass window and other types of material.
  • Comes with automatic guards that protect birds and which also stops dust from getting in the room.


Best Exhaust Fans In India 2021 For Kitchen & Bathroom

Then you need to check out this full-body exhaust fan from Digismart if you are not prepared to fork out a lot of money if you’re looking for the exhaust fan that may provide the reason in a small room. A motor is had by this exhaust fan made of pure copper and along with this, the fan also integrates a few of the safety features which protect the exhaust fan from thermal burnout in the event of voltage fluctuation.

The power consumption of this exhaust fan is minimal due to small design so you would not need to be worried about the electricity that is rising either. With regards to the fan blades, they truly are fashioned with plastic while the advantage that these fan blades have is that they are corrosion-proof. The fan that is three-blade enough air to deliver a cushty working environment for you in house or office.

DIGISMART 150 MM HIGH Speed 1600 RPM Main Features

  • High Performance Motor with Compact Design, high speed technology
  • Thermal overload protection for extra safety during sudden voltage fluctuations
  • Ideals : kitchen, bathroom, stores,office
  • Sweep : 150 mm
  • 100% PURE COPPER MOTOR, High Speed : 1600 RPM

MAA-KU Exhaust Fan

Best Exhaust Fans In India 2021 For Kitchen & Bathroom

Then check out this fan from MAA_KU if you’re trying to find something smaller. This fan is definitely a fan that is tiny could be set up in a small home or into the cabinets as well. The utmost dimensions of the available space can be 5 x 3 x 6 feet because of this fan to work efficiently.

The body is designed with plastic and aluminum and general, there are not any conditions that are such the quality since well. You can link the fan towards the AC supply directly and also the 5 blades associated with the fan will start working and begin cleansing the fresh air of the room. This particular exhaust is straightforward to add as well you are finished with the installation because you just need to latch this exhaust fan with 4 screws and.

MAA-KU AC Axial Cooling Blower Exhaust Rotary Fan main Features

  • Fan size of 4.75 inches and thickness of 1.5 ins
  • Has a free construction that is stand-style.
  • aluminium die-cast body having a layer
  • a charged energy consumption of 22 watts.
  • The speed that is maximum of motor is 2600 rpm and has now a 90/100 CFM

Luminous Vento Deluxe 10 Inch (250 mm) Blade Size Exhaust Fan

Best Exhaust Fans In India 2021 For Kitchen & Bathroom

Moving to the next exhaust fan inside our list, it is from Luminous, and luminous is again a reliable brand on the market that is indian. The fan has a high-quality engine that is durable utilizes copper windings to perform during even during low voltage conditions.

Another benefit of the fan is indeed you may not have the lack of power that it gives a wider conical spread of breeze in most the corners of the space. The design is fairly simple as well in your kitchen, bathroom, room, or even your office so you can use it. The sweep that is high by the fan makes certain that you do not feel the fan is underpowered in anyways.

Luminous Vento Deluxe Features

  • BLADE SIZE:: 250 mm; High Air Delivery Output: 720 CMH; Speed: 1300 RPM
  • WARRANTY: 2 years warranty on the product. For any product-related questions, please contact us at 18001033039
  • DESIGN: Stylish design that matches spaces such as kitchen and keeps your home cool
  • BLADE: Aerodynamically designed blades ensure faster speed of rotation with Duct Dimensions: 11.45 inches x 3.58 inches x 11.45 inches
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS: It includes 1 Vento Deluxe 10 Inch (250 mm) BLADE SIZE: Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office

Starvin Happy home Fresh Air Exhaust Fan

Best Exhaust Fans In India 2021 For Kitchen & Bathroom

Starvin Happy home Fresh Air Exhaust Fan This fan has an iron body and hence it’s a type that is heavy-duty. This exhaust fan is installed to the wall with help of the screws. The fan has a noise that is low it does not interfere with the daily chores.

The fan is stated in India and you will find no quality issues since well. You can go ahead and check this fan out and our company is yes that you will perhaps not face any issue aided by the quality right here. The fan comes with a safety grid on the outside of which protects the wild birds from getting in whenever the fan isn’t in use. This might be definitely a recommended product if you are looking for something that is made of metal.

Starvin Happy home Fresh Air Exhaust Fan Features

  • Category : Fresh Air Fan – High Speed Technology; Sweep : 300 mm
  • Specially Designed 3 Leaf Metal Blade,High speed RPM motor with 100% copper winding & 100 % make in India .
  • Certificate : Generally Conferming To Is: 996 Only Motor ,1 year warranty ,fan with new high speed low voltage (HSLV) Technology
  • Ideals : Kitchen, Bathroom, Stores,Office. etc.

Lifelong 150 mm Plastic Exhaust Fan

Best Exhaust Fans In India 2021 For Kitchen & Bathroom

If you need a fan that is quite little you then can take a look exhaust fan out from Lifelong. This fan has dimensions of 4 ins for each part and hence it may easily fit into the cup windows or fiber glass sheds even. The fan consists of plastic while the fan has 7 blade fins to promote a airflow that is good you are using this exhaust.

The exhaust fan also has guards behind it and those ongoing works really well for stopping the dust from entering the home. The procedure of this fan is fairly noiseless so you don’t have to worry in regards to the sound. You can use this fan in your kitchen area, bathroom as well as cabins to market a airflow that is healthier.

Lifelong 150 mm Plastic Exhaust Fan Features

  • Compact Design; 2 Year Brand Warranty
  • Plastic Body with Compact Design and Aesthetics – Ensures longevity of fan
  • Energy Efficient with Power Consumption of upto 22 Watts
  • High RPM – 2000
  • Easy Installation and Noiseless operations for usage in Bathrooms, AC Cabins and Conference Rooms

Why Is Exhaust Fan Better?


Exhaust fans versus axial fans – Exhaust fans are different from axial fans. The airflow created by exhaust fans is directed through ducts. Exhaust fans create a higher pressure of atmosphere flow than axial fans. Exhaust fan requires more power than axial fans. Despite the low movement rate, exhaust fans are capable of making a steadier flow of atmosphere than axial fans.

Exhaust fans versus kitchen chimney – Exhaust fan are utilized to expel out all of the smoke, and bad odour from the kitchen area, bathroom, or space whereas a home chimney expels out oil, smoke, and grease particles from the kitchen. Kitchen chimney is installed only in a kitchen area whereas exhaust fans can anywhere be installed where you want proper ventilation. Chimneys are expensive, and the fan that is exhaust India is very inexpensive. Exhaust fans consume less electricity compared to a kitchen chimney.

Exhaust fans versus normal fan – a fan that is normal the atmosphere inside a space in a slow manner whereas an exhaust fan eliminates the hot and bad odour through the room. The blades of an exhaust fan are small compared to large blades of a fan that is normal. The rotation of a fan that is normal clockwise, and the rotation of a exhaust fan is anti-clockwise.

Exhaust fan range that is versus – an assortment hood is an exhaust bonnet. It’s an enclosure for an area over your range that uses the fan that is mechanical collect most of the vapor, smoke, dust particles, and fumes whereas an exhaust fan are simply a fan that purifies the atmosphere by removing bad odours and steam. The range hood is expensive than an fan that is exhaust.

Exhaust fan versus intake fan – it could work as an intake or exhaust fan if you change the direction of what sort of fan is mounted.

Types Of Exhaust Fans


Wall Mounted exhaust fans

These kind of exhaust fans are ideal for those people who do not desire to produce any arrangements for installation of the fan and want a installation that is hassle-free. Most of these fans are usually installed on the wall that is external of house. They suck out the air that is humid inside and force it directly outside.

Kitchen exhaust fans
As the title suggests, such types of fans are used in a kitchen. They are generally installed right over the stove. They suck out all of the odour that is bad moisture degree from your kitchen area and produces a pleasant atmosphere inside your kitchen.They are helpful in sucking out all the steam emitted from the stove and expelling it outside as they are situated right above the stove.

Exterior exhaust fans
These types of fans are similar to wall mounted fan that is exhaust. The difference that is only that they do not make any noise inside. All the noise emitted by them is beyond your room.

They are ideal for those social people that do maybe not want any kind of noise to be issued by their exhaust fans. These type of fans take out the air that is bad inside and discharge it outside.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans
This kind of exhaust fans are utilized in restrooms. While taking a shower, moisture often develops on the bathroom tiles and mirrors. Such type of exhaust fan is advantageous in removing and eliminating all type or sort of moisture that gets developed inside your restroom. They are tiny and are super affordable.

Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans
These type of fans are ideal for those social people who have their spaces on top floors. Such types of fans are mounted on the ceiling, they suck out the air that is humid a gap in the roof and then expel it outside. This helps in supplying a better airflow in your room.

Inline Exhaust fans – Such form of fans are installed in a available room that’s not acceptably ventilated. They truly are mounted in involving the ducting, which assists in eliminating all the air that is bad the ducts.

Exhaust Fans Including Lights – Such kinds of fan work equivalent way as other fans do except they light the area that is ventilated. They simply look like just about any light supply. They blend very well along with your decor.

Best Exhaust Fans Buyer’s Guide

Airflow-To have sufficient air flow from your own exhaust fan, kitchen area or restroom would require a airflow that is sure. So first find the airflow out for your exhaust fan for home and bathroom to see a fan that supports that airflow.

Cleansing-One should buy an exhaust fan that can simply be cleaned extremely without any hassle. There are many fans that are exhaust into the market which work good but are extremely hard to completely clean. So look for an exhaust fan that works effortlessly and it is effortless to clean.

Minimal Noise-You need to look for an exhaust fan that creates noise that is minimal. A fan that produces two sones of noise or less is thought to be quiet. Other fans that provide significantly more than two sones of sound are thought to be noisy.

Installation-Buy an exhaust fan which are often easily installed or has a setup that is free the product.

Cost-All exhaust that is great come in the purchase price range from 400 to 2000 in India. You do not need to pay out more than this. Within this price range, you will get a exhaust fan that is good.

Warranty-Look for an exhaust fan that offers at least one to two years warranty in the product from the manufacturer in order that you are able to get it replaced if you face any issue in the fan in the guarantee period.

Brand-Always buy an exhaust fan from a brand that is trusted and contains its service centre in your area. So, that its easy for you to get in touch with the professionals.

Wattage-Search for an exhaust fan that does not consume a whole lot of power as that may excite your energy bills.

Automatic controls-Another aspect that is critical be considered while buying an exhaust fan is, does it have automated settings or otherwise not. Automatic controls automatically detect the humidity that is increasing switch the fans on.

Speed Control-Look for an fan that is exhaust which you yourself can set the speed of the fan as per your need. There is absolutely no need of always running the fan in its full speed. Therefore in setting the speed as per your choice if you find a fan in which you are able to adjust the speed, it could be really beneficial to you.

Handheld remote control-Remote control is a feature which allows you to definitely operate most of the functions for the exhaust fan with the help of a remote. This will make an fan that is exhaust friendly. So, it’s important to look for a fan that may be controlled with remote control.

Size-How big is the fan is determined by the measurement of your bathroom or kitchen. It will figure out the ability needed and speed of this fan that is exhaust.

Aesthetic appeal-You require to look for a fan that looks good and compliments kitchen area and restroom. You just do not require a box that is black be fitted anywhere which will ruin your bathrooms and kitchen layout.

Mounting type-Exhaust fans are mounted in a variety of ways that are different. They can be wall mounted, exterior, or ceiling mounted. Wall mounted fans can anywhere be placed. External fans can also anywhere be placed. They produce all the noise outside.

Ceiling fans are mostly used in the kitchen. The airflow is improved by them through the ventilation system in the ceiling.

Noise-A few of us keep consitently the fans switched on for the evening that is whole. Consequently, you ought to look at the noise which fans create. The noise created by the exhaust fans will be less with better-greased ball bearings.

In-size-There are always a complete lot of sizes of exhaust fans available available in the market, and every one of them differs in the sweep they create. So buy a product according to your room ventilation and size.


Do kitchens need exhaust fans?

It is best to have exhaust fans in the kitchen because without them, the steam and grease will evaporate into the air and coat the ceiling, the walls, kitchen cabinets, and almost every other surface in the kitchen room. This grease typically accumulates over time and creates a gross slippery surface.

How do I choose an exhaust fan?

Some important factors that help choose an exhaust fan for your kitchen are:
Measure the airflow rating(CFM) suitable for your cooking needs
Weigh-in the noise level that is suitable for you
Skim through the features of the exhaust fan
Find the spot in which you will get your fan fitted. Wall mounting and glass mounting would vary for each exhaust fan
Opt for the exhaust fan with easy installation

When should I use an exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans are primarily used to remove excess moisture and grease that fumes out when cooking. They also help control and eliminate odour, especially when frying food with spices. It is advised to keep the exhaust fan switched on during cooking and for a while after cooking.

Will an exhaust fan cool a room?

An exhaust fan is used to suction out air from within the room and disperse it outside. It cannot be used to cool a room.

Which exhaust fan is better between plastic and metal?

Both plastic and metal exhaust fans have their pros and cons. Plastic exhaust fans are equipped with smooth rounded edges and are lightweight. On the other hand, metal fans have sharp edges and are usually easier to clean as they boast a rust-proof body.

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