Top 5 Best Led Tv Cover In India 2023- Review & Buying Guide

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Best Led Tv Cover: Having an led tv cover is a necessary thing if you own a beautiful and expensive led tv.

Because all you know, electrical items get damaged from the dust mostly. So using a led tv cover is the best thing you can buy for protecting your led tv from outside dust.

There are many types of led tv cover available in the market for your led tv. The cover will protect the led TV and give the led tv a nice look.

Several types of led tv covers come with lots of different features. Selecting the right cover is the most important thing because the covers come in many sizes.

One of the most common sizes of led tv covers is 32 inches because most people prefer a 32-inch tv for their homes.

The designs on the covers are very attractive and beautiful. Other sizes are also available to buy like 43-inch, 40-inch, 24-inch, 42-inch, etc.

Features of a television cover

The led tv cover comes with lots of features, and one of the most crucial parts is the quality of the product.

The manufacturing quality of the product defines the life of the cover. Usually, every television cover comes with a transparent PVC that is very easy to clean,

and seeing through the transparent PVC is also very clear. Plus, the stitching of the cover must be tight and neat for making it strong and neat, and clean for use on a led tv.

 The smoothness in touch is also a feature that comes in lots of led tv covers. They are all of the essential features of this product.

Suppose you are going to buy an led tv cover. In that case, you must check this article because you will find the information about the surface in detail, plus you will find the top 5 Best Led Tv covers.

It is recommended to have protection to increase your TV’s life and enjoy the television without any problem.

Top 5 Best Led Tv Cover In India 2023

1. Glassiano Transparent LED TV Cover for 32 Inch

The first item on our list is the led tv cover for the 32-inch tv. It is one of the best covers for your television,

protecting the television from dust and keeping it all covered and protected you can use this tv cover on any television like LCD, LED, or plasma tv.

It is made for any television and protects every tv the same. The product comes with lots of features, and one of the essential features is given below.

The led cover comes with a zip closer that will zip the tv from all sides, preventing dust from entering the television additionally the cover’s design is beautiful,

and the material from the cover is made smooth to the touch. The transparent PVC is made from a high-quality manufacturing process.

You can easily clean the transparent PVC with a piece of white cloth. It has a perfect fit that helps to adapt it on the television quickly. Now, let’s see all specifications of the product.


  • Brand – Glassiano
  • Product – Television cover
  • Dimensions – (73.66x 7.62 x48.26) cm
  • Transparent PVC – Yes
  • Size – 32-inch


  • Dustproof
  • Transparent PVC
  • Zip enclosure


  • No cons

2. Stylista Printed Cover for 24 inches led TVs

If you own a led tv with a size of 24 inches, then this is the cover you need for your tv. It is the best-led tv cover for the 24-ich size tv.

If you are looking for the best-led tv cover of 24 inches, this is the product you need to buy. The design of the product is beautiful.

It is made from recycled PVC material, and the quality of the cloth is robust and delicate.

One of the best features of this cover is that it is made with quality machines with the help of skilled Indian operators.

It is dustproof, and once it is placed on the television, there is no chance that the dust will enter the television.

It comes with a six months warranty on manufacturing defects. Below you will find all specifications related to the product.


  • Brand – STYLISTA
  • Product – Television cover
  • Warranty – 6 Months
  • Dimensions – 22x14x3 inches
  • Zipped enclosure – Yes


  • Fits all 24 inches led tv
  • zip enclosure
  • Made from recycled PVC material


  • No cons

3. Dream Care Transparent Television Cover for 43-inch LED TV

Don’t worry if you have a led tv with a size of 42 inches, here you will find a product for all sizes you need for your size of the television.

It is one of the best-led tv covers 43 inches in the market right now to buy plus this led tv cover supports all types of televisions of 43 inches like LCD, plasma, etc. The build is solid on this cover, and it is stitched firmly.

The zippers that come with the cover will help you keep cables at their original positions without untying them.

You can easily adjust them with the help of a zipper installed at the edges for the more straightforward function of the cover.

The front is made of transparent PVC which makes it easier to clean, and the view is also clean.

The cover will prevent dust from entering and will keep the tv safe. Here are the pros and cons of this product.


  • Brand – Dream care
  • Product – Television cover
  • Dimensions – 40x26x4 inches
  • Transparent PVC – Yes
  • Size – 43 inch


  • Zip for easier functions
  • Transparent PVC
  • Fits all 43-inch tv


  • Simple looks

4. Stylista Printed PVC LED/LCD TV Cover for 40 Inches

The next item on our list is the product from Stylista, which comes in 40 inches. It is the best tv cover 40 inches.

This 40-inch tv cover will cover all models of tv of 40 inches, whether LCD or LED. This cover is one of the best-led tv covers if you are looking for 40-inch tv covers. There are many features in this item.

 The cover is made from recycled PVC material and is very tough. The surface is waterproof means there is no chance of your tv getting wet.

Professionals do the manufacturing with care. The cover is also dustproof and will protect the television from foreign particles.

The zip installed in the body will ensure the prevention of dust and will protect it from water. Below is the other helpful information.


  • Brand – Stylista
  • Product – Television cover
  • Warranty – 6 Months
  • Zip enclosure – Yes
  • Material – PVC


  • Dustproof
  • Waterproof
  • Zip enclosure


  • No cons

5. KANUSHI Industries® Transparent PVC Television Cover for 42 Inches

The last item on our list is the led tv cover from KANUSHI Industries. This article covered all led tv covers of all different sizes,

not its turn for the last item of led tv cover of 42-inch length. It is the best-led tv cover 42 inches in India. The toughness of the product is nice.

The PVC used in manufacturing is transparent. You can easily clean the transparent cover with the help of a dry cloth.

It comes with a zip enclosure and will fully pack your television and protect it from dust and the electronics of the tv from moisture.

There is no need to detach your television from the hanger because the zip will cover all surfaces of the television. Now, let’s look at the specifications of the product.


  • Brand – KANUSHI Industries
  • Product – Television cover
  • Size – 42 inch
  • Zip enclosure – Yes
  • Material – Transparent PVC


  • Zip enclosure
  • Protection from dust and water
  • Strong material


  • Doesn’t look that good

Factors affecting buying best led tv cover


Before buying one of the covers for your tv, you must always look for the size you need.

Because it is a standard error we make during buying tv covers, always buy the tv cover of the same size as tv.

For example, if you have a led tv of 24 inches, then you must purchase the cover, which is also 24 inches in size.

There is no need to buy a bigger size because manufacturers always make covers that fit all types of tv of the same size.


For the best protection of television from the outside, the cover’s material plays an important role.

The better the material, the better will be the protection. Always look up for surfaces made up of polyvinyl chloride(PVC).

PVC is a solid material, and it also has a very long life. You can easily clean the cover with the help of a dry cloth.

The PVC cover is also water-resistant. Usually, most of the tv covers come with a transparent cover that can be easily used and protects the tv.


Protection means protecting the television with the help of the tv cover from foreign objects like dust, and water, and the top TV cover’s prominent role is to watch the tv from outside and keep the tv safe inside the cover.

With proper material used and good manufacturing of the cover, the cover becomes solid and reasonable to be used for a long time. So it is also an essential factor affecting while buying best led tv cover in India.

Zip enclosure

The last factor affecting the quality and the overall protection of the television is the zip.

The zips are helpful to fully pack the television and protect it from the outside dust more efficiently.

The regular cover protects from dust but is not as efficient as the covers with a zip enclosure.

Nowadays, all led tv covers come with a zipper to zip the television and improve the TV protection fully.

Here are some of the essential factors you must always look at before buying the best-led tv cover for your television. 


After seeing these many products, choosing the right cover for your television is not an easy task.

But in this article, we have selected the best tv cover available in the market for all recommended sizes.

You have seen the led tv covers of 24,32,43,43 inch sizes. There are a total of five different sizes to select for your television.

If you are still confused, you can read the factor affecting section again for clarification on the tv cover above this section.

Also, you can see all of the pros and cons of the tv covers mentioned with their respective specifications. You will find all the information you need.


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