June 8, 2023
Best Purifiers in 2022 in India

Top 6 Best Purifiers in 2022 in India

Are you drinking safe drinkable water? Even expensive water purifiers don’t give you safe water. I’ll tell you the best purifiers in 2022 in India. Neither do we make Sponsored Content nor do we take money from brands. I bought & tested water purifiers & RO up to ₹75K to tell you the best one. It is possible because of you. We get financial help when you purchase from our affiliate links. We use this money to buy & test products. Understand these essential points before you buy a water purifier.

Best Products ListCheck Price
1. AO Smith X2 (UV+UF)Check Price
2.Livpure Glitz (UV+UF)Check Price
3. Kent Supreme with 8LCheck Price
4. HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver with 10LCheck Price
5. Livpure Smart Bolt modelCheck Price
6. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MFCheck Price

How do the filters Work?

Older RO purifiers had this kind of RO membrane which reduces TDS up to 90% but it wastes 3L of water for 1L of safe water & reduces important metals like magnesium & calcium. But water & good purifiers don’t have such issues.

A UV filter eliminates germs, bacteria & viruses without changing the taste. This is a chemical-free process. A UF filter eradicates the dead germs & bacteria but not TDS. UF filters should be avoided in areas with high TDS water. MF (micro-filtration) can remove visible dirt but not TDS.

MF is placed outside the purifier. Current water purifiers come with MTDS which balances the TDS if it is scarce. But actually, MTDS mixes the unfiltered water with filtered water to balance out TDS (not good). TDS control should be avoided. Some people believe Kangen water is the best to prevent aging & Disease but there is no evidence that proves it. According to me Kangen water =

Placebo Effect. Placebo effects make you feel healthy after you drink Kangen water but this hasn’t been scientifically proven yet. People are crazy about Alkaline Water. The human body maintains pH 7 and the human body itself manages this pH level no matter what you eat. When you drink alkaline water, the body will again maintain its pH level & the change can only be seen in the toilet bowl.

Essentially, you are paying high costs for what is going on in your toilet bowl. Rapid Fire- Acc to BIS, the TDS level should be 500 whereas according to WHO, TDS should be 300. If the municipal water supply has a TDS of around 250, then you need a UF+UV filter & not an RO. For groundwater with TDS above 300, an RO is the best. It is

Easy to check TDS level. Filters are prone to damage if the TDS level is above 1500 & the water pressure is less than 10 psi. Correct them asap. The life of the filter is 4000-6000L. After this, the filters must be changed. Water in Stainless Steel & Food Grade Plastic remains the same until they are not exposed to the Sun. Buy the most suitable purifier.

After-sale services & AMC are important. We called the companies & asked for their AMC & filter replacement charges (which will be discussed later). I will recommend the best purifiers after checking & testing numerous of them. You will have some purifiers but some are not available in the studio.

1. AO Smith X2 (UV+UF)

The best UV+UF purifier is AO Smith X2 (UV+UF) with 5L water capacity. It comes with 5-stage purification with & a 30L/H filtration capacity. According to AO Smith, it is good for TDS 200 but according to me, it can be used for TDS up to 250. It has a Digital Display with a Filter/UV change indicator which will indicate in case of any issue. It also has a Tank Full Indicator. Its AMC costs INR 2800/year with filter charges. AO Smith gives 1-year comprehensive warranty. It costs INR 9200.

Pros & Cons- It is a good purifier for small nuclear families (2-4 members) as it has a 5L capacity. It is good if the TDS of the municipal water supply is up to 250.

Cons- AO Smith has average service in cities other than metro cities. Tier 2 or Tier 3 towns should avoid. Consider other options. 30L/Hr filtration capacity is less & slow.

2.Livpure Glitz (UV+UF)

My best pick in UV+UF purifier is Livpure Glitz (UV+UF) with 7L water capacity. It comes with 4 stage purification & 60L/H filtration capacity (good). According to Livpure, it is good for TDS up to 250ppm & I agree with this. All UV+UF purifiers can be easily used for TDS levels up to 250ppm. It has an LED Display with a UV life alert indicator. It will indicate in case of any issue with UV. Its AMC costs INR 2000 per year (including sediment, carbon & UF filter). It has a 1-year comprehensive warranty. It costs INR 7500 (fantastic).

Pros & Cons- It is cheap in price & best quality purifier. 60L/Hr filtration capacity is very good for small or medium families and for TDS up to 250.

Cons- had its capacity been 8-10L instead of 7, then it would be good. Links are in the description. Do check it as this acc to me

3. Kent Supreme with 8L

Is the best UV+UF purifier. RO purifier is Kent Supreme with 8L water capacity & RO+UF+UV+MTDS+copper. Yes! I suggest this MTDS water purifier. It has multiple purification processes by RO+UF+TDS control & 20L/H filtration. According to Kent, it retains essential minerals. It can be wall-mounted. Its AMC costs INR 2000/year (membrane & filter not included). 4-5k must be spent yearly for filter change if the filter gets damaged due to high TDS. It has a 1-year comprehensive warranty. It costs INR 15,500.

Pros & Cons- It comes with almost everything including RO+UV+UF or copper. I don’t think UF is needed as the RO membrane is there. TDS control is the worst as it fails the concept of water purification. TDS is never controlled in the membrane. It can only be controlled by mixing unpurified & purified water. Buy it only to use it without MTDS. I think the idea of purified water is lost when you mix unpurified water with purified water. Choose yourself. Select yourself after listening to other options too.

4. HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver with 10L

RO purifier is HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver with 10L water capacity & RO+UV+MF filter. It comes with 7 stage purification & 24L/H filtration capacity (good). The Eco Saver tech saves water around 60%=80 glasses.

It can be used for water with TDS 2000ppm. It has LED lights with a filter change indicator (good). It can be wall-mounted & be kept on the countertop too. It has no AMC but all the filters can be replaced for INR 4600/year. HUL gives no AMC. It is the cost of filters. The TDS level of water decides the filter life.

Different filters can be changed separately (good). The membrane life is 6000L which is good. HUL gives 1-year comprehensive warranty. It costs INR 13K.

Pros & Cons- It is a ’no-nonsense’ water purifier. It is a good purifier with water tech & good storage. Water saving of 60% is the best thing for the direct preservation of the environment. Con- INR4600 can be huge for some people. Its RO membrane is of very high GDP (gallons per day) as compared to others. A higher GPD membrane reduces water wastage. Membrane & water quality is good. The taste is awesome.

5. Livpure Smart Bolt model

It is one of the best purifiers. RO purifier is the Livpure Smart Bolt model with 7L water capacity & RO+UV+Mineralizer. It comes with 6-stage purification, In Tank UV sterilization & a mineralizer. Mineralizer adds minerals to water if the TDS is low. There is no TDS controller.

Instead, mineralizer is good. It has a 12L/H filtration capacity & LED indicator. The network indication (works with an app) and has recharge, purification & tank full indication. What is the need for app connectivity? This purifier can either be purchased or it can be rented.

I rented and tested it. I bought an INR 525 plan that has unlimited water. It can be used and controlled via an app. The app & purifier will indicate in case of damage. It has no AMC on rent mode. The company will change the filter without any service charge. It can be rented only in tier-1 cities. Tier 2 & Tier 3 town people can only purchase it and they won’t get the services mentioned above. Livpure gives 1 year comprehensive Warranty with free sediment & carbon replacement filter in the first year.

Pros & Cons- It is a wonderful water purifier for families of 2-3 members as it has a 7L capacity. Unlimited water is available for INR 525. INR6-7K is bearable yearly.

Cons- it can purify water only up to 1500 TDS. Avoid it if the TDS level of water is above that. Check your TDS level.

6. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF

RO purifier is HUL Pureit Copper+ with 8L water capacity & RO+UV+MF Filtration. It comes with 7-stage purification, & copper charge tech. The tank has a copper electrode that mixes copper elements in water (good health). It has 28L/H filtration (huge). The dual dispensing system allows you to have simple RO water as well as copper-charged RO water.

It comes with intelligent copper auto-cleaning which will clean the copper electrode and won’t allow the green layer to settle on it (awesome). It can be used for TDS up to 2000 (good for areas with high TDS). It can be kept on the counter or wall-mounted too. Its AMC cost INR 3850 including the copper electrode.

The life of the RO membrane is 8000L (good). In case one filter gets damaged, then it can be replaced separately. Instead of AMC, filters can be purchased separately. HUL gives 1-year comprehensive warranty. It costs INR 22K. Price is high but every penny spent is worth it.

Pros & Cons- You get both copper and normal RO water. The best thing is Auto-Cleaning Copper electrodes. The machine itself cleans copper electrodes when not in use (amazing).

Cons- You get Copper water only if there is a direct water supply connection. Copper Water can’t be stored in a tank. It is not a major con. I am using the same water purifier and I am 100% satisfied with it.

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