Best Vibration Machine For Weight Loss In India 2021

Before jumping to the main topic that is to guide you to pick the Best Vibration Machine from our article on Buy Top 5 best vibration machine for weight loss in india let us have a brief look about what Full Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine is and how they help in your fitness goals:

People today are more health-conscious than ever and are resorting to a variety of devices and practices. Best Vibration Plate Exercise Machine has emerged as an efficient way to increase your fitness level while vibrating and simultaneously scalping your body.

Before we move on, allow us to understand exactly what these Best Vibration Plates Exercise Machine is. As the name implies, these are vibrating or moving plates. If you employ these, stand or sit on them, you will need to use strength to try your regular practice.

5 Best Vibration Machine For Weight Loss in india Review

1.Sterling Power Vibration Exercise Machine

Vibration Machine For Weight Loss In India

Sterling VIBRATING POWER PLATE (ARG781) utilizes the body’s own reflexes to exercise your muscles in a convenient manner that does not require you to get out of breath. The movement of the plate stimulates the body’s natural “stretch reflex” which causes a spontaneous muscle contraction. The Power Plate is a multi-benefit exercise tool that helps you reach your goals, faster and more effectively .It’s compact and easy to store under a bed or in a closet, with various optional case options for travel and quick, on-the-go workouts. Add the Power Plate to your routine and experience the world-renowned vibration technology.

Sterling Power Vibration Exercise Machine :-Key Features

  • Activates entire body, relieve tiredness quickly. || Excellent body shaper melts away mass body fat. || Soothes insomnia efficiently, helps you unwind
  • Enhances digestion. || Increases blood flow to keep you healthy. || Activates joints, soothes arthritis ache, increases bone density
  • Improves collagen production Increases flexibility. || The magnetic foot massage will help strengthen metabolism, maintain youthful vigor. || Sports injury prevention, rehabilitate injuries and ailments, Weight Handeling Up to 180 KG. with RUNNING , JOGGING and WALK MODE
  • Help elasticity on the skin and muscles. Increases muscle strength and performance. || Prevent fragility from long lacking exercises. Beautify the skin by promoting the metabolism. || Increase muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and mobility
  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism. || Reduces cellulite and helps in weight loss

  • Walking, jogging, running mode with 180 kg max weight is great for weight loss purposes.
  • Good speed level adjustment which is helpful to those with joint issues.
  • Magnetic massage is good to have too.
  • Speakers are not usable like all other models.
  • Final Verdict: Does not produce much noise and price is lower if compared to JSB models. Overall a value for money product.

2.JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager 

Vibration Machine For Weight Loss In India


The crazy fat massager is a body-toning machine which helps melt accumulated fat by workout at home. Don’t worry if you are unable to attend gym, all you need is a 20 minutes workout on this machine everyday to keep in shape.The weight loss machine comes with powerful oscillatory motor that helps in burning calories in minutes. Using it daily for 20 minutes not only helps in weight loss but also fills you with higher levels of energy and improves metabolism.

The anti-slip footrests and wide plate of this JSB crazy fit power plate allows you to perform various workout with just one machine. Whether you want to workout in standing or sitting position, the machine allows you to do you favourite exercises easily.The body workout machine lets you target a specific muscle group of your body. The machine works best for fat burning around belly, hips, arms, thighs, etc and is perfect for a good engaging home workout session and fat loss gyming experience.

This family healthcare machine can be almost everyone is the family. This Home Gym Crazy Fit Massager is perfect for adults and elderly. But should be avoided by pregnant ladies and people with history of heart disease or chronic joint disorder.We at JSB understand that when you buy a massager for your loved ones, you want it last for years. That is why, we have doorstep engineer visit facility in all metro cities and nearby towns. In non-metro cities, we provide free pick up and drop service for service of products.

JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager :-Key Features

  • Crazy Fit Massager for complete Body Workout
  • Effective Oscillation massage to Aid Weight Loss and As An Exercise For Whole Family
  • With a Wide Plate for Exercising the Whole Body and Anti Slip Footrests
  • Boosts Energy and Blood Circulation ; Burn Calories in Minutes.

  • Good for those who want to vibrate all the work. And sometimes it works to get the fat loose
  • Final Verdict: If you like the brand and believe that this will be a superior product to others then get this one. Note that the max user weight is around 100kgs and it does not have features like USB, magnetic massage etc.

3.JSB HF57 3D Vibration Machine

Vibration Machine For Weight Loss In India

They call it 3D vibration machine because it has some oscillation and swing massage system. For a vibration machine for weight loss in India that is a good news. You may be able to shake off some extra fat with this.Max user weight 120kg, Frequency is 50 hz.It can give you a full body workout in 15 minutes while the KOBO full body vibration machine claims in 10 minutes. Do not go by these numbers but at least use 15 minutes daily to see results.

Some vibration plate exercises for weight loss that you can do are –Lunges, Full body shaking (may improve balance), Planks, Dips, push ups, use those bands and can sit in a Yoga position on the vibrating plate.

The full body vibration machine top is covered with an anti-skid rubber top. The top is not flat it is ergonomically designed, you can feel it better when you will sit on it. This Crazy fit massager also has some wheels for easy transformation. And this is made of durable ABS plastic and has a steel frame around it so that it can support maximum weight.For lazy people and for the elderly this is a great option to lose weight/fat without any fear of impact injury.

JSB HF57 3D Vibration Machine:-Key Features

  • Full Body Exercise Machine At Home Gym for Whole Family
  • Effective Oscillation and Swing Massage to Shake Off Extra Fat
  • Wide Contoured Power Plate Which Vibrated to Improve Blood Circulation and Tones Muscles
  • Helps in Muscle Strengthening, Burning Calories and Relaxing Tired Muscles, Target Specific Muscle Groups

  • 3d vibration where this vibration machine power plate combines 2D vertical and 2D horizontal modes. You can use those separately also.
  • Not preset programs if you are looking for one.

4.Robotouch Vibraslim Body Shaper


Vibration Machine For Weight Loss In India

Robotouch vibraslim body shaper fitness machine, adopting balance type vibration mode to achieve fitness effect, for 5 minutes exercise is equivalent to 1 km running, unique arc pedal design, make the exercise effect better, set with simulation measurement of calories and exercise mileage, the movement pedal set with run, jogging, walking motion region, to meet the different amounts of movement. Time is 5-30 minutes timing adjustable, the default start working time is 15 minutes, three kinds of automatic mode and 8 speed manual mode can be choose according to movement needs, adopting dc24v motor, safety and reliable, set with pull rope can do various posture of movement, set with wireless watch controller, LCD display.

Robotouch Vibraslim Body Shaper :- Key Features

  • Body shaper has Unique arc pedal design,5 minute exercise is equivalent to running 1 kilometre
  • Ergonomic balance type vibration mode,different types of exercise movement: Running, jogging, and walking for body shape
  • vibraslim full body shaper Simulation measurement of calories and exercise mileage
  • Wireless watch controller with an LCD display,Timing adjustable settings with default workout time as 15 minutes and 3 automatic modes and 8 speed manual modes
  • Variety of movement and posture With Fitness Elastic Rope,1 year National on-site RoboTouch warranty

  • Unique arch shape top and wireless watch remote.
  • Nothing

5.Arg Health care Power Vibration Plate

Vibration Machine For Weight Loss In India

Amazing 120 levels of vibrations, you can choose the right amount of vibration as you please for your workouts.It comes with 5 built in programs for bone density, weight loss, strength building, blood circulation, massage. Each program is 10 minutes. Just select the mode and you are good for a home workout.ARG Health care power vibration plate can be used to mimic the effects of Running, jogging, walking. It is a whole body vibration machine for weight loss.

Dimensions: 72.5cm x 40cm x 14cm so it can fit under your bed or sofa when not in use.Operating voltages are like normal Indian households so no issues with that. Power intake is 200watts, not sure about that, could be more.There are attachments like resistance bands, using which you can do exercises like- Lunges with Bands, Curls etc. And use your imagination to do more whole body vibration exercises.

Other than this you can use this vibration power plate to do push up, squats, sit-ups, one legged bridges.The rubber has a good grip, anti slip.The LCD screen is surrounded by program button, timer set up, speed increase and decrease button. And those buttons are LCD touch screen.The plastic ABS so it is a very hard plastic.Apart USB display there are features like USB speaker so that you can listen to music while you do your weight loss workout.Vibration Machine For Weight Loss In India

  • Much cheaper than other weight loss vibration machines and provides reasonable quality.
  • Poor set of resistance band, slipping rubber top cover, sometimes faulty remote.