Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds Review 2021

Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds Review 2021

Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds Review 2021

Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds: Design and Build

The manufacturers of the Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds engineered an aesthetic design. They used the premium plastic material to build the earbuds and the carry case. As of now these are available in two color variants. I also wrote a comprehensive review in boAt Airdopes 441 true wireless earbuds in my other article. While Airdopes 441 true wireless earbuds have matt finish, the Boult Audio AirBAss MuseBuds have little more glossy to me. By looking at the first sight, it seems these earbuds are primarily designed to appeal sport or fitness enthusiasts. I am saying this because they have earclip design to hold securely over the ear and inside the ear. And the earclip design does its job perfectly to keep the earbuds in place while you hit the gym or participate in other sporting events. Both the earbuds have built-in mic. This makes it super easy to answer and make calls on the go. What looks even appealing to me is the two earbuds quietly sitting inside the black carry case. The earclip designed buds have white triangle shaped logo with “BOULT” written aside on the red strip within the black exterior. By comparison, the Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds are cheaper than boAt Airdopes 441. And why not. Boat holds more authority than Boult Audio in the audio segment.

boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds: Audio and Sound Quality

Speaking of the audio and sound quality, Boult Audio AirBass is equipped with 9mm audio drivers. Normally, the audio drivers with the size of 8mm or above and up to 15mm are considered good for earbuds to produce a quality sound. However, other factors also influence the sound. I do feel that Boult Audio has not compromised on this front while designing. I recall, I said the true earbuds come with 9mm audio drivers. This means they are designed to produce good sound. I, personally don’t own these headsets. But one of my friends bought them very recently. Therefore, I got the opportunity to use and review them. In my initial usage, I felt a little fatigued wearing them in my ear. But I am fine after sometime and the wireless earphones produced good sound quality. I loved the good lows and mids the Boult Audio AirBass produced. What I feel on a little downside is their bass because sometime I like higher bass that sounds like the sound in the crowded night club. Although, they didn’t optimally meet my expectation in terms of bass, this doesn’t mean you also don’t like the bass. I must say it’s just not too much bass. Only average. Did I talk about the call quality the Boult Audio offers as yet? I don’t think MS, you did. Well talking about the call quality, both the earbuds have built-in mic. This is a good feature to have for making or receiving calls. The Boult Audio also seems to have worked sincerely to bring out earphones with passive noise cancellation feature. I do agree the passive noise cancellation feature helps keep the surrounding sound out. But initially, I had to increase the volume and speak a little louder to make my voice audible on the other side. Therefore, I found initial glitches while making or receiving calls. Overall, the Boult Audio AirBAss Muse Buds produce balanced sound. At a given price range, they will not disappoint you.

Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds: How Good is Battery Life?

Playback time is something that interests every user to watch out for. I am of the view that it must be one of the major features you should consider when planning to buy an audio device. Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds come with 18 hours of total playback time. This includes the playtime of earbuds and the charging case as well. The single charge of the earbuds let you play your favorite music for over 5 hours. At the same time the charging case gives four hours of additional charges to the earbuds. The Airbass MuseBuds also designed to give you staggering 100 hours of standby time. I prefer longer hours of battery life especially when I am on a long travel on field for few days on project work. All said and done. Honestly I managed to play non-stop music just over four hours with MuseBuds. Therefore, to conclude, I didn’t find major flaws with battery backup. Neither did it disappoint me. The 18 hours of total playtime including earbuds and carry case is sufficient for me. What’s your take on this? Please let me know

Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds: Bluetooth Connectivity

When I talk about the seamless functionality of the earbuds, it simply means how smooth connection it offers. The Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds are integrated with latest Bluetooth v5.0. This ensures you get fast and stable transmission free of tangling. When I saw this audio device I was also curious to see how the Bluetooth connectivity works. This means I wanted to check the maximum range the Bluetooth v5.0 connection covers. Therefore, to measure the distance it covers, I turned on the Bluetooth and connected the device with my smartphone. And I walked down for at-least 10 meters away. So, what did I do then? I asked my friend to call me to check if it still works. Oh, yes. It did work. It didn’t hang up and connectivity was smooth. The only thing on the downside I felt is call quality as I mentioned in the foregoing section also. As nearly all the wireless earphones come with auto pairing feature, this is no exception with Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds also. They have the auto pairing feature working excellently well. So, with auto pairing, you got a hassle free pairing and connectivity. Now your true wireless earbuds are ready to pair with your smartphone or compatible device as soon as you open up the lid of the carry case. Sounds good? Yeah! Therefore, this ensures that you don’t need to pair your device manually every time you want to connect it with your mobile phone.

Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds: Water and Sweat Resistant

I am ultra careful when picking up earphones which are claimed to be water resistant. I travel a lot. And occasionally, I even need to walk to far flung areas to oversee project activities. Obviously, this makes me sweat a lot and even get wet under the rain. Therefore, it’s natural that I like the earbuds that provide maximum protection against sweat and water. The Boult Audion AirBass MuseBuds true wireless earphones are integrated with IPX5 water resistance technology. Although, there are many audio devices each has different set of standards in IP technology. And each manufacturer comes with own water and sweat resistance rating. Nonetheless, I personally feel IPX5 rated electronic devices can withstand sweat and water quite well. So as Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds do. From this point of view, they didn’t disappoint me. The inner Nano-coating of the earbuds and carry case certainly ensures these are water and sweat resistant. Therefore, if you are a fitness freak and sweat out a lot while hitting the gym, you can be carefree. Even you can go out for jogging in humid weather conditions. Your earbuds are capable to withstand these conditions. However, some may claim you can put them under bucket of 1 meter deep water. And leave them there for over 30 minutes or so and they are fully protected. Frankly, I didn’t test these earbuds like this. Therefore, I am not sure whether they are fit to remain under 1meter deep water for about 30 minutes and withstand it. I don’t wish to keep my readers in illusion here. To be completely fair, the Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds true wireless earbuds are well designed to withstand sweat and splash.

6. Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds: What You Get in The Box?

So, what you will get inside the box of the Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds? You will get the following items in the box.A pair of MuseBuds true wireless earbuds.

MuseBuds charging case.

A pair of extra earbuds eartips.

Micro USB charging cable.

Warranty card.

7. Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds: Touch Controls Functionalities

I have come across and seen many wireless earbuds coming with sensitive touch controls. Some of them also have very capacitive touch controls. But MuseBuds earphones have a single button controls. I, personally prefer button control functionalities over sensitive touch controls. Why button controls have an edge over sensitive touch controls for me? Well, I love a few minutes of jogging and very quick exercise. So, then what? So, my own personal experience shows sensitive touch controls activate even with a soft touch of a finger while you actually don’t want. On the other hand, you need to press the button on the button control area to start the functions. Boult Audion AirBass MuseBuds come with one button that controls multiple functions. The earbuds are undoubtedly designed to aim at sport enthusiasts. So, now you have your MuseBuds activated with one touch button. You can play and pause music. You can change and jump to next or previous track, receive and answer calls and son on.

8. Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds: Overall Performance

The Boult Audion AirBass MuseBuds are a good pick for you, if you are looking for budget earbuds with fairly good features. The earbuds have passive noise cancelling feature. This is good to keep the environmental sound at bay while you are talking or listening music on the go. The IPX5 rated water resistance technology works well to keep the earbuds protected from sweat and splash. The audio device provides 18 hours of playtime. With single charge you can play your non-stop music for over 5 hours. This is sufficient for me honestly. I found the connectivity is also smooth. Bluetooth v5.0 technology works well within the range of 10meters. I also tried and paired these earbuds with my Apple MacBook Pro. And they did well and seamlessly. Though, I didn’t have a very great experience on call quality, it may work very well for you. So, thumps up to overall performance of MuseBuds true wireless earbuds at affordable price.