How to decorate small balcony with plants

How to decorate small balcony with plants

The balcony of the apartment has a very small space for gardening. If you are fond of flowers, you can plant a variety of plants and colorful flowers on the balcony. Balconies can be decorated in a modern way.

Lay grass on the flooring

A matte balcony that looks like fine or green grass can be laid on the floor. This will give you a garden-like look. The balcony will also look amazing. Also keep flowers and ornamental plants in a line below the railing.

Place the flowers on the shelf

You can put flowers on both walls of the balcony. This can be placed by placing a wooden shelf on the wall. If it is not possible to install a shelf, you can build a separate shelf wall or hang flowers.

Hanging Garden

Plants can be decorated on the balcony in many ways. Hooks can be hung on the railing of the balcony. For this, separate pots come. You can also put a well on the ceiling of the balcony.

Put on the table

Place a large table in the corner of the balcony or in between if the balcony is large. Place four or five pots on this table. You can also have a stand for pots. This will keep the balcony clean and not too crowded.

You can also use micro plants

If the balcony is small then micro plants like air plant, aloe vera, money plant, mother of pearl can be used. These plants can be planted in small pots. This is also very easy to monitor.