How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Website 2021

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In the blogging world, all bloggers work daily to increase traffic to the blog, and millions of articles and videos on the Internet, also provide information about Get More Traffic To Your Blog Website , but not just Get More Traffic To Your Blog by reading articles and watching videos.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Website 2021

To increase traffic on the blog, we need to learn something new, experience new things every day. Experiments that are successful in increasing traffic to your blog, along with using them, you will have to keep doing new experiments.

On this page you will read ways of increasing traffic work on the blog and I believe that using these methods will definitely Get More Traffic To Your Blog.

Top 10 ways How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Website


How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog ?


In the beginning, all new bloggers just waste a lot of time designing the blog and creating posts and pages on the blog without any research.Due to which the initial hard work of new bloggers is wasted and there is no traffic on the blog in the initial time.If a little research is done with SEO friendly blog post to set up the blog soon and work is done to generating blog traffic, good traffic will start coming to the blog soon.

If you are already working on your blog and with the design of the blog, some posts and pages have also been published.However, you don’t have to worry because by forgetting the time lost so far, by doing a little research now, by working properly on the blog, the traffic to the blog can be increased.To generating blog traffic, you need to follow the steps below.

1. Professional Blog Design

For example, after visiting a website with a yellow background, red color and a useless font size, you will close the site in 2 seconds and will not visit such a website again.In the same way, no one likes a poorly designed blog and no one visits a poorly designed blog.

Due to poor blog design, people will immediately opt out of the blog, which will increase the bounce rate of the blog and if people do not return to the blog, according to Google’s algorithm, your blog will be less reliable. Therefore, the blog will not be ranked in any search engine and traffic will not come to your blog.

Therefore, it is very important to have a good design of the blog.Choose a professionally designed theme for your blog. So that all your readers like Design and all Users Blog’s Contents can be read easily.

To choose a theme, see the point below.

  1. The theme looks professional.
  2. The theme should have all the options you need such as sidebars, featured images, etc.
  3. Blog should load in less time for which choose Fast WordPress Theme.
  4. The WordPress theme should be responsive and mobile friendly.

Along with improving the design of the blog, you can buy a newspaper theme or other best WordPress theme to choose a theme with all the functions needed for blogging.

2. Publish quality content

Everyone knows that in the world of blogging, content is king, this means that blog content will be better. The more readers will like the blog.Google has also clearly stated that write posts only for users and if your post is good, Google will automatically rank your posts.Therefore, only publish quality content on the blog. Which is helpful and useful for users.Keep in mind the points given below to improve the content.

Reasearch – To improve the content of the blog, do thorough research on the subject of the post before writing the post and start writing the post only after understanding all the information.

Heading – It is very important to use the best heading to understand and make content attractive. After 4 to 5 paragraphs in the article, keep a catchy and useful title.

Remove Boering Content – People don’t like to waste their time, so don’t add Boaring content to enlarge the article.Just add useful lines to the article so that people do not piggy-back the material. Due to which Time On Page is larger and Bounce Rate is less.

3. Article Length

Even today, when I look at people’s blogs, most posts contain only 500 to 700 words.This is why his posts are never viral.For more traffic, it is very important to make the post viral and articles are very important for going viral.

According to Buzzsumo, posts of 3,000 to 10,000 words are mostly shared because more words mean higher engagement rates, which makes your post viral.So, if you want to show the post on the first page in search engines or go viral on social media, then write 2000+ words in each post.

4. Keyword Research

It is very important to do keyword research before writing a post because if you will write a post without Keyword Research. So it would be like working as an arrow in the dark and it would be very difficult to rank your positions. So do the keyword research before you start writing posts.

There are three main things in keyword research.

  • Search keyword
  • Analyze competition on keywords
  • Choose low competition keywords

All the related research work can be done easily using the Semrash (paid) tool.To do keyword research for free, you will have to do some hard work because you have to use two to three tools.

  1. The first tool would be better to use Google Keyword Planner, because with this tool, the average monthly searches of keywords can be easily searched.
  2. By using keywords everywhere, you can easily check the competition on all keywords.For this, you have to install the keywords everywhere and add it to the Chrome or Firefox browser, after which you will search any keyword in Google, then you will have competition, search volume and CPC show.
  3. LSI Graph – You can use LSI graph to search for long tail keywords, it is very easy and provides good long tail keywords.

By searching in Google, you can also search for the best Long Tail keyword using related search.You can learn to search Long Tail Keywords from Google by looking at the image below.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Website

5. Blog Loading Speed

The loading rank of all the top rank blogs in the world is very fast and it takes less than 1 second to load the blog.Increasing your blog rank by every 1 second is 100 steps behind.You can use the PSD Speed ​​Test, GMetrix, or Google Page Speed ​​Insights to check the loading speed of a blog.

If your blog takes longer than 2 seconds to load, then you should immediately optimize the loading speed of the blog.

To reduce the loading time, you have to optimize the following things of the blog.

  • Optimize Blog Images.
  • Minimize Java Script and CSS.
  • Reduce Blog’s Server Response Time
  • Use a light weight theme.
  • Use a minimum of redirection.

6. Search Engine Optimization

This is the most important point to boost blog traffic because it is very difficult to get good TRAFFIC on any blog without SEO.There can be millions of Visitor on Blog from Search Engine in a day, for which it is necessary to create Blog Search Engine Friendly.

If Blog Search will not optimize for Engines, then Organic Traffic will not come on Blog. And all the ways to increase traffic will be of no use.There are a lot of algorithms in SEO, you have to work on the blog keeping all of them in mind.

Although there is no 100% correct definition of SEO, according to older bloggers and webmasters experiment, it can work for it.To make Blog SEO friendly. SEO needs to be paid at least one hour per day. After that in one to two months you will learn the necessary SEO and will be able to make your website SEO FRIENDLY.

SEO is mainly divided into 2 parts.

On-page optimization – When you work on a blog such as creating or posting pages or changing the design of the blog, all this work comes under on-page optimization.To do on page optimization on a blog, you have to optimize the blog design, title, meta description, keywords, tags, internal links, external links, images and other media etc. for the search engines.

In on-page optimization, we have to do all the work on the blog, so we can do all this work easily.If your blog is on WordPress, you will be able to do all the work easily through some plugins like SEO By Yoast.

Off-page optimization – We have to do all the functions of off-page optimization outside our website.

Such as – creating high quality backlinks, traffic drives from social sites, traffic drives from forums, etc.

This work takes a bit longer because we depend on other websites for this, but if you spend 1 hour every day on off page SEO, then off page optimization is better for your blog.

7. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a very good way through which you can drive traffic from every guest post to another good blog for the whole life.A new do follow backlink is also easily found through guest posts which strengthens op page optimization and enhances domain authority.

To create a guest post, you have to search at least one guest post every week by searching other top blogs with topics related to your blog.By posting a guest on a top blog, you can get 1000 visitors per day Refferal Traffic easily.

Guest The following points should be remembered while blogging.The blog on which to post a blog should have more domain authority and page authority than your blog’s DA and PA.Guest Post only on Blogs related to your Blog Niche.Give guest posts to blogs with high traffic first.

8. Blog Comment

Blog commenting is also the easiest way to increase traffic and does not follow links.For this, you have to search the top blogs related to blogs and comment on their posts.Through blog comments, you do not receive a follow link, which increases domain authority and page authority to some extent and by looking at your comments people try to learn about your blog, thereby get traffic to blog.

When commenting on a blog, remember that you do not need to comment on any low quality website and make more than 10 comments in a day.So while commenting on any blog post, remember that you have to write your name in the Name section, the URL of the website in the URL section, the email address in the Email section and the comments related to the blog post in the Messages section, in such a way that your Comments will be approved. Will be more likely


9. Reply to comments

Be sure to reply to all comments on your blog as it creates a good relationship between the readers of the blog and users stay on your blog more time.Google also considers comments more and your posts are helpful and appear above the search results.

If someone makes a spam comment, do not accept it and delete it immediately. Because such comments reduce the ranking of the blog and there is a risk of the blog being hacked.


10. Share on social sites

In today’s time, there is a lot of traffic on social sites and with the help of them you can increase traffic on the blog easily.For this, create an account on all social sites and share all the posts of your blog on social sites.To not share all posts on social sites simultaneously, create a schedule and share the posts on social sites one by one according to that schedule.

HTIPS shares posts on all social sites 1 time in 24 hours.On social sites, you can easily target people and increase the traffic of the blog by creating a page with the name of the blog.Put Social Share Icon on the blog. With which people can easily find blog posts on Share on social sites.By continuously sharing old posts on social sites, traffic on your old posts also increases, due to which your old posts also increase the ranking in Google search.

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