Best Roku 4K Streaming Player India 2021

  • Powerful, portable, exceptional wireless
  • The USB port on some TV’s may be unable to power a Streaming Stick
  • Advanced wireless receiver for 4x the range
  • jumping between apps is a quick and painless affair
  • better visuals and better audio
  • respectively – neither of which offered
  • support both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • videos start quickly, even if they are in 4K HDR.





Best Roku 4K Streaming Player India 2021

Roku’s streaming sticks have always been deceptively simple devices, but the new Roku Streaming Stick + takes that design philosophy to a new level: it’s just as small as its predecessors (only 3.7 x 0.8 x 0.47 inches and 0.9 ounces). But accessories even more power factor in the size of the flash drive. Despite the additional hardware, it will still fit neatly behind your TV, and draw power from your TV’s USB port or from the wall.

This is, for the most part, a familiar design. This is a form factor Roku pioneered five years ago with its skewed and creatively tinted Roku streaming stick, and it clearly served the company well over the years. The form factor was popular enough for Roku to be an update from the previous year and has been copied throughout the year by both main hardware manufacturers and cheap knock-offs alike.

New to the Streaming Stick + is that strange, proprietary power cable that has an external antenna. This gives the Roku Streaming Stick + four times the range as the older Roku Streaming Stick and helps reduce interference. The advantage here is a faster and more stable streaming experience which translates into faster load times and shorter time buffering.

The downside is that, for whatever reason the cable must be broken or MIA, you cannot replace it with an old mini-USB cable. Thankfully Roku has given some thought to that scenario and will be providing separate cables for purchase – ie you will not have to reboot the entire system simply because you have misaligned (or destroyed) the power cable.

The major advantage of Roku – the Chromecast Ultra – is that, like every other model Roku, comes packed with a streaming stick + remote.

While the Sticking Stick remote does not have all the bells and whistles that the Roku Ultra does, it still feels quite premium. It has a micro-built in voice search, dedicated media buttons for Netflix, Sling, Hulu and PlayStation V, and thanks to its IR Blaster / HDMI CEC connection, it can control volume on your TV and some external devices .

It’s nice to have the 3.5mm audio jack built directly into the remote, but there’s not one dealbreaker one after the other – and besides, there’s always the Roku app for iOS and Android.

Roku OS 8

In the case of the new Roku Streaming Stick +, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with Roku OS 8 – a pumped-up version of the egalitarian operating system that adds some new streaming services and apps, including Roku’s free streaming channel, Roku TV included.

Before now, Roku had everything a dreamer wanted: Netflix and Amazon, obviously, but also YouTube, Crackle and Vudu. If you want to stream some audio, Roko Music offers both Mainstage, Pandora and Spotify, but also Deezer, Vivo, SiriusXM, Amazon Music and Tune In.

The latest addition to the line-up is Roku’s own streaming channel – a free-to-watch network featuring movies and TV, with the company licensed from studios such as Columbia and Paramount. The quality of the films is punctual and swaps from time to time, but it is hard to complain too much, given all the free content.

While we were reviewing Roku Streaming Stick +, The Roku Channel was showing Warriors, The Pursuit of Happiness, Drive and Men in Black, among dozens of others.

While the largely egalitarian offering of 3,000+ streaming channels is clearly the highlight of Roku OS, we are fond of its clean and simple layout as well as its robust search platform. Almost everything is easily found on the platform, assisted in no small part by its deeply integrated voice search functionality, which scans over 200 apps to find the best prices on shows and movies , And features like My Feed helps us keep track of content coming soon that we have an eye on.

As time goes by, the interface is feeling a little bit, but we have something that works – even if it’s a bit old – rather than something that happens unexpectedly each and every time you turn it on. Then crash. (Cough, Android TV.)


In more words, Roku Streaming Stick + is an excellent tool – jumping between apps is a quick and painless affair, and videos start quickly, even if they are in 4K HDR.

Not only does the new Roku Streaming Stick + competently play 4K UHD content, it can also play it from a decent range. This is a huge boon for those of us who keep our entertainment far away from our routers, and will probably improve the experience for anyone who suffers from slow buffering or recurring stings.

So far, there is not much to criticize about the Roku Streaming Stick +. And that’s because Roku’s latest iteration of the streaming stick is a ubiquitous great device, as a standard 4K HDR10 streamer. But start talking about future-facing technology and things become a bit murky.

Losing the competition down the road we can see that the big spot is on format support. Apple surprised many when it announced that it would support both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, two new technologies that promised better visuals and better audio, respectively – neither of which offered on the Roku Streaming Stick + Will go. Dolby Vision is also supported on the Chromecast Ultra, and is available on the Atmos Xbox One console. Closing an eye for these techniques seems a bit short-sighted for Roku.

The other small problem we had with the Roku Streaming Stick + is that, from time to time, it suffers from some pop-in issues on the home menu. To be more specific when browsing menus, parts of the interface will take a few seconds to load. This is not a deal breaker and is not something that has happened all the time, but the time spent waiting for the My Feed section to populate cannot be spent streaming content.