Best Elliptical Cross Trainer India 2021

What is the best cross trainer for home use:-You need an elliptical trainer only if you have weak joint, joint injuries? And if you are just bored with treadmills and exercise bikes. With cross trainers in India, you can get better full-body workouts than those. An elliptical cross trainer mimics stair climbing, a ski machine, and rowing. With all these, you can get a good cardio workout easily and ultimately spend more calories which help with losing weight. But with diet, can be also used to increase cardiovascular stamina as well as maintaining the same weight.

The ergonomics of the best cross trainer For Home Use is good for people with joint issues such as knees as it provides virtually no joint stress. So your joint life increases, this is especially helpful for people who are recovering from accidents, in rehab, sports injuries, or even for the elderly. Unlike other workouts, the exercise cycle and elliptical cross trainers are good for bad joints. If you are looking for the answer to what is the best cross trainer for home use in India then this list is for you.

Best Cross Trainer for Home Use in India 2021

1.AFTON FX-50 Elliptical Trainer


This is a mid-range elliptical cross trainer with some good features. This cross trainer has a stride length of 14 inches with manual 8 level resistance control over a 10 kg flywheel. This cross trainer has a rear-drive system and the paddles have good space in them. It has a medium-size display which can show you time. RPM, THR, pulse, distance. Also, it has body fat, recovery, calendar, etc.

  • Great for anyone who wants a durable cross trainer with 10kg flywheel.
  • 14 inch stride is good enough for most of us.
  • Not exactly for people like me who want to buy more lower cost items.

2.XTERRA Steel FS 4.0e Cardio Cross Trainer


Xterra FS 4.0e cross trainer has a good stride length of 18 inches with a massive weight capacity of 147 kg. Along with this, it has 20 levels of adjustable resistance. The flywheel has an ample amount of weight behind it, which is 9.5 kg. And this system is a front-driven system with magnetic resistance. There are 7 programs to do and it has a heart rate monitor as well. The cross trainer display also shows time, distance, calories, and RPM.

  • Good for heavy people who want to loose weight.
  • Durable steel built.
  • Good for tall people as it has 18 inch stride length.
  • Costly.

3.Sole SE25E Steel Elliptical Cross Trainer


If you are looking for the top cross trainer in India, this is it. Sole Se25E is a beast and it has some amazing features for the fitness enthusiast. Firstly this is one of the very few elliptical cross trainers in India which has an incline feature. This professional cross trainer has 20 levels of incline which will make your workouts more intense. Along with that, the stride length is amazing 20 inches, great for tall people who have long stride length. This will feel more natural to them. Flywheel weight is around 7.66 kgs which are good for general purposes and for cardio.

  • This cross trainer has 20 level of resistance adjustments which is useful for minor adjustment and can be used for rehab and injury recovery.
  • Flywheel weight could be higher.
  • Cost

4.Proline Fitness 335E Elliptical Trainer


Anyone who is going for this Proline Fitness 335E Elliptical Trainer is going for the low cost of around 6k and the flywheel of 5kg. Meaning much more resistance for those tough home gym guys and gals.

  • 5kg flywheel
  • 8 level manual tension
  • Pulse tracker

Go for this if you have a low budget but do note some bad reviews there saying about bad support from Proline.

  • This is another low cost entry level elliptical cross trainer in India which have a slightly heavier flywheel of 5 kg.
  • 5kg flywheel is suitable for the senior citizens and for people who want to have a good cardio workout.
  • Good user weight level of 110kg.
  • Have some workable sensors like hand pulse.
  • Paddles are non-slip but have a plastic feel.
  • Resistance is adjustable by using a knob.
  • Not a premium model durability but still will work great for a single person or a small family.

5.Fitkit FK300 Front Drive Orbitrac Cycle


Bring your home gym cardio routine to the next level with the Fitkit FK300 Exercise Cycle. This powerful exercise bike offers a unique and customizable air resistance system with tension adjustment that lets you feel the burn at a variety of different intensity levels, Dual action handles offer the ability to train both your upper and lower body for an invigorating full-body workout you won’t get on any standard stationary bike, An adjustable seat offers the ability to train in the most comfortable position for you, and easy to read display console allows you to track time, distance, calories burned, speed and scan mode while you train. But that’s not all! A compact design and conveniently placed set of transport wheels allow you to easily store this exercise bike between workouts.

  • Bluetooth connectivity to track progress.
  • Good max user weight of 110 kg.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Flywheel weight of around 2 kg, good for senior citizen and rehab purposes. Or also can be used for long painless cardio sessions.
  • Very low flywheel weight.
  • Small LCD display.

Buying Guide – Elliptical Cross Trainers

Budget: I am a budget buyer and I always look for deals and try to make an educated guess on what should be the value of the gym product. Now many would say buy a smaller cross trainer if your body is small, that is just wrong. Cross trainers are in uniform sizes.

And depending on the quality the cost varies a lot.

If you plan to use the cross trainer daily then you should look for mid-range products. Most of the products that I suggested in the best elliptical trainer list are mid to low range in terms of cost.

Gym space: Cross trainers like other big workout machines, do take some space. If you live in a very small apartment then this might not be suitable for you. If you have a spare room where you can install this cross trainer, then you should do it. You should have around 5-6 feet of space available with gym rubber mats. And vertically a normal-sized room is enough.

Cross Trainer Styles: If you check our section named Types of the cross strainer, this will be easier to understand.

Basically depending on the placement of the motor-like element of the cross-trainer. Here The most feature-rich tends to be the rear-drive model, also the costlier. Front-drive models are generally noisy and low cost and center-drive models are low in intensity.

Features: Do you want to measure your heart rate in the machine itself? Or want to watch youtube on your phone? Then you have to look out for some features, heart rate sensors, bottle holders, tab holders, etc. Also, there could be speakers, wifi also. These are not necessary features but good to have.

Workout Programs: Many cross trainer machines come with pre-built programs, this allows lower the boredom and enables you to get a better workout as a whole.

Weight: Be mindful of your own weight. Budget cross trainers in India are not so durable and can not hold above 85-100kgs of body weight. Before buying you should check if the elliptical trainer can even support it.

Stride Length: tall people will have long strides, although cross-trainers strides are generic and may suit a wide range of heights. But still do a check before buying about the height support or stride length support.

Frequency of use: If more than one person is going to use the cross trainer or if the cross trainer is to be used multiple times in a day then you should buy a premium model. You should invest in a higher capacity model to avoid any injury or downtime.

Q factor: Q factor is the space between the pedals. Usually, this difference is enough for any leg length and body type. But this is not a major thing unless you are too tall or too short.

Adjustable Resistance: Adjustable resistance is a must for progressive overload and gaining muscle strength. And this is determined by the flywheel weight. If you are physically fit then you can get a higher weight flywheel otherwise choose a lighter weight.

Adjustable Frame: Adjustable frame elements like seat or handles allows you to adjust the frame as per your height or body frame.

Incline: The incline feature in a cross trainer is a similar one as in the treadmill. The more inclined you are to set the machine, the more tough the workout will be.

Warranty: Check warranty and service center numbers before you buy. Most major cross trainer brands have available service centers all over India in major cities.