Best Air Cooler For Room In India 2021

Are you looking for the air cooler for room in India in 2021? Well, we hope a full guide, with details on the top 10 air coolers, can help!

Best Air Cooler For Room In India 2021

We have compiled a list of the air cooler for room in India in 2021, including the top rated air coolers that have received the best reviews, ratings and overall exceptional track record. In this article, we will give you information about the different types of coolers available in the country, and which are the most preferred.

Each product description will contain information about the cooler, its features, pros and cons. However, before starting we should clarify a few things. Many people get confused when shopping online “What’s the difference between air coolers and air conditioners?” “How many types of air coolers are there?”. Therefore, let us clear our doubts.

Difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner (AC)

Air Cooler As the name itself suggests, it cools the air. It does this by adding moisture to the air. An air cooler has a large fan that may be made of plastic or metal. It is surrounded on three sides by webs made of wood scrapings (honeycomb pads). The air cooler has a water storage compartment that is open and visible just below the fan.

When the air cooler is switched on, water from the storage compartment makes its way to the top of those honeycomb pads placed on the sides. The water then spills these nets, while the fan moves together. This, in turn, creates a cooling effect, which arises from the humidity associated with the air. The person sitting in front of the air cooler will definitely feel a little cold due to the cooling effect. The only thing is, an air cooler will work efficiently only in dry areas. If there is already moisture in the air, the air cooler will be ineffective.

Air coolers are less expensive than air conditioners and 1 / 5th of the power is used by AC tor work. Its main functionality is to damp the air and spin the fan at high speed (or the speed with which you set it). Air coolers require less maintenance and you can easily make your spare parts available in the market. Furthermore, these air coolers do not require the use of stabilizers and do not use a gaseous compound to achieve the cooling effect.

On the other hand, air conditioners consume a lot of power while working. About 5 times more electricity than an air cooler. AC works on the principle of taking heat from one place and transferring it to another place. They have an inbuilt fan and a compressor which emits gaseous material to expel cool air from their vata.

The backside of the AC (window AC) or the exhaust of the AC (split AC) expels the hot air. By doing this, a quiet atmosphere is created inside the room or fixed space. AC can reduce the room temperature to 10–20 ° C, they can achieve a room temperature of 20 ° C, even if the temperature outside the room is 36 ° C. In addition, air conditioners can also be used to increase the temperature. one room. The same condition does not apply to air conditioners.

Now, it has been clarified. Let us examine the different types of coolers available in the market

Air Cooler Type:

1. Desert Cooler:

Desert air coolers are not much different from room coolers per se. It is just that the desert cooler is kept outside a window. They are fixed there, and they suck in air from outside, this leads to ventilation effect. Desert coolers are heavy and durable because they have to be kept outside. In addition, a desert cooler operates on the same principle as any other air cooler. When it is turned on, it moistens the dry air with the help of water flowing from the 3 sides, which, in turn, produces a cooling effect.

2. Personal Cooler:

Individual air coolers are much smaller in size, and are more compact. They have taken their name as ‘personal’ as you may find them useful for personal use or personal spaces. For example, if you place them inside a small room or kitchen, they will be effective. This will be ineffective if you have to keep an individual cooler in a large room, as they do not have very large limits.

3. Tower Cooler:

Tower coolers are tall, but not too wide, they are constructed to be thin so that they take up less space. The ‘Dominor Tower’ is named because they are built vertically. These coolers are very effective because they throw air with high speed and can cool a room in no time.

4. Window Cooler:

The window air cooler is designed like a cuboid and is shaped like a window AC. These air coolers are preferably used in areas with dry weather. A window cooler is placed outside a window, it sucks air from outside. The air sucked in from outside is passed over a damp pad, which in turn moistens the air and makes it moist. It adds a cooling effect and helps make the room cool by throwing this air out with the help of its fan.

Here are the top 10 air cooler for room in India in 2021

Now that both those questions have been clarified, let us start the list of top 10 air coolers of India from 2021. The list we have prepared is based on ranking, track record and rating. This list includes a variety of coolers that we think provide value for money and are considered the best air coolers for a home in India. So, let’s take a look at it.

1. Symphony Hichol i 31 Liter Air Cooler

Symphony is a brand that has been in India for a long time. It has manufactured and produced various types of air coolers. Air Symphony Hitchul i 31 Liter Air Cooler ‘is one of the best personal coolers in India. It is slightly compact in size but not too small. The design given to this cooler is not very unique and can be seen among other individual coolers. This air cooler was originally built to cool small spaces, it is comfortable to sit in front of.

This air cooler made by Symphony has wheels so that you can move it easily. It has a water storage capacity at the bottom which cannot be fully seen. But there is a transparent margin with different levels marked, so you get to know how much water is left in the air cooler.

As i-Pure and Hicool technology are present in this air cooler, you can be assured that the air thrown from the fan will get rid of odor, bacteria, dust and even allergies. Due to the presence of Hickol technology; Dura-pump technology and SMPS technology are used, which helps extend the life of the pump and protects the cooler against voltage fluctuations.

2. Hindware SNOWCREST 85-H Desert Air Cooler

Hindware is another name that strikes a person’s mind when someone mentions an air cooler. According to sources, the best air cooler for home in India in 2021 is the Hindware Snowcrest 85-H. This individual air cooler has a large area that is used to vent cold air. Compared to other personal air coolers, the one offered by Hindware focuses on providing you with more air.

The Hindware air cooler is very simple when it comes under control and how it works. It has three controls, which is located at the top of the cooler. These controls will let you manage wind speed and moisture content / cooling capacity. The snowcrest features honeycomb-designed cooling pads that are placed on three sides of the cooler.

This personal air cooler has an ice chamber which is located above the cooler. You will get a better experience by adding ice to it, under the right conditions it may look better than AC. This compact air cooler has a water level indicator, which helps you and tells you that there is not enough water in the cooler. The Hindware Snowcast is suitable for indoor use because it has castor wheels that can be used to move air coolers around the house.

3. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

Bajaj is one of the best air cooler brand in India in 2021, they have tried for so long. With a wide range of air coolers to choose from, they have come with a simple yet efficient air cooler.

The Bajaj Platini PX 97 is a personal air cooler because it is small in size, but still cools down a small room easily. However, to efficiently cool any particular location it is necessary that you allow proper cross-ventilation. In this way, the outside air makes its way inside and does not allow the room to become too moist.

Bajaj has been selling air coolers in India for some time. The specialty of their air coolers is that they are simple yet efficient. There are no control buttons or complicated methods to fill the water, but rather simple controls at the top of the air cooler and an easy water inlet option.

The Platini PX 97 does not make a lot of noise but provides you with enough airflow. To give you an estimate, this air cooler provides an average airflow of 1300m ^ 3 per hour.

4. Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Personal Air Cooler

Symphony has a good track record when it comes to the efficiency and durability of their products. The company has come with Symphony Diet 12T 12 liter personal air cooler and has received good response from over 2000 customers. As the name mentions ‘personal air cooler’, this air cooler is also known as the best portable air cooler for room in India. The only reason it is lightweight and you can easily rotate it downward due to the presence of wheels.

This symphony air cooler is also considered as a small tower cooler because it is built like a tower cooler, but can be classified as an individual cooler. With a 3 star rating out of 5 (Amazon stats), this tower cooler is considered worth its price. More than half the body (front side) is used to throw air out.

This symphony air cooler is mainly used for small compact spaces and indoor cooling, it will be ineffective from outside. However, this air cooler mainly focuses on the amount of air it throws out and that too at high speeds, it makes a lot more noise than other air coolers of this size.

It has two controls at the top of the cooler and has a ‘water level’ display on the front at the bottom of the air cooler. This helps a person know when it is time to refill the air cooler with water. In addition, it used a single honeycomb pad on the backside.

However, it has different layers to help deliver fresh air; A dust filter and 2.5PM wash filter. The backside has an inlet for ice water, an outlet for water overflow, and also a drainage plug that is located under the air cooler.

5. Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

Crompton is known for providing excellent design to its products, making them look attractive and durable. Well, Crompton presents you the best air cooler for room  in India.

The Crompton Greaves Ozone Air Cooler is classified as the best desert cooler due to its heavy weight and large size. However, due to having a plastic body and wheels at the bottom of the structure, the Crompton Greaves ozone is suitable for indoor use, rather than placed outside the home window.

This desert air cooler has a capacity of 75 inches to fill the water, which ensures log off cooling and you have to get up to refill the cooler. Its cooling capabilities are assisted by 3 honeycomb pads on three sides, which guarantee efficient and fast cooling. Half of it has been used to make air vents to give a good amount of air.

There is a water inlet on the front side of this desert cooler. You can also pour ice into it directly through that inlet, or use the ice chamber at the top. It also has a ‘water level’ indicator on which different levels are printed so that you know when to fill the water in the air cooler. The wheels used in this air cooler lock the wheels to keep your air cooler stable. There are two controls on the front side, one for the airspeed and the other for controlling the swing / pump. Due to its plastic body, it is rust free and has 4-way deflection technology.

6. Symphony Siesta 70 Ltrs Air Cooler

Symphony is known for making air coolers that are simple in design but work easily. Symphony has come up with the best air cooler under 10000 in India, in the context that it is large and not being classified as a personal air cooler. For 10k you will get the benefits of a larger air cooler.

Now coming to the features of this Symphony Sista Air Cooler, it has a 16-inch fan which is powered by a powerful motor. This air cooler has wheels located under its structure that run smoothly inside the house.

This Symphony Siesta Air Cooler features a plastic-based body design, with half of it using space at the front, used by its powerful fan to throw it into the air. The Symphony Sista is an air cooler with 3 honeycomb pads located on three sides to aid in exceptional cooling.

This symphony air cooler requires proper cross-ventilation, meaning that in a closed room it will lose its effectiveness. It has two controls located at the top of the air cooler, which can be used to control the airflow and swing / pump of the air cooler.

This air cooler has a water inlet at the front, which is big enough for you to put in ice. It also has a water level indicator at the bottom, so you know when you have to fill the air cooler. The company claims to have a better quality grill in front of the fan for better airflow.

7. Bajaj DC2015 43 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

The best air cooler brand in India, Bajaj has brought its A-game when it came to making air coolers. This company has been selling air coolers in India for a long time and has established its name in the market. The Bajaj DC2015 43Ltrs air cooler has received good ratings by customers, getting 3.5 out of 5 stars. This air cooler is designed for rapid cooling of large rooms. This air cooler can be easily moved back and forth as it has castor wheels at the bottom of its structure.

This Bajaj DC2015 Air Cooler Desert can be classified as Desert. It has a plastic body, so there is no question of rusting in it. To aid faster and easier cooling in the room, the air cooler has 3 honeycomb pads on three sides. It possesses a 4-way air deflection technique, to ensure that air reaches every part of the room. Most of the space in the front has been allocated to the fan to throw the wind out at high speed. It has a grill in front of the fan which can be adjusted to ensure the flow of air in a certain direction

This Bajaj Desert air cooler has a capacity of 43 liters of water. It also has three controls that are located on top of the air cooler. These controls are used for speed control and swing / pump settings. This air cooler can comfortably cool a large room, a room as large as 600 square meters. Ft.

8. Flipkart SmartBuy Alpine Tower Air Cooler

This tower air cooler is the best air cooler from Flipkart in this price range, with ‘Flipkart Sure’. This air cooler presented by Flipkart is the best air cooler under 6000 in India, in terms of it is tower air cooler and is efficient. This air cooler has a plastic body structure which makes it light and rust free. It also has a 47 altri water tank, which has a water level indicator, which will help you notice when you need to refill your cooler.

On a full water tank, this cooler can work for 12 hours straight, after which you will have to refill it. There is a blind in the space allocated to throw it out of the air which can be closed when not in use. These blinds are free to move so you can determine the direction in which the wind moves. This air cooler also has a digital display on the top, with two controls (one for airspeed, the other for swing / pump). This tower air cooler has an icebox fitted above the cooler, which is large. There is a water inlet on one side of it.

The Flipkart Smartboy Tower Air Cooler has only 1 honeycomb pad, which is at the rear. It is protected by a layer of net that acts as a filter for dust and mosquitoes. The honeycomb pad is easy to clean and covers the entire backside. There is a cord hanger right next to the honeycomb pad. This tower air cooler can be easily moved around due to the presence of 4 castor wheels at the bottom of its structure.

9. Hindware Snowcrest 50 – W Desert Air Cooler

If you see this air cooler that has been brought forward by Hindware, you will be amazed to see how much air it can deliver at once. It is one of the best air coolers in India under 7000, which offers it.

This Hindware Snowcast Desert Air Cooler is about 3.4 feet in height and has a plastic based body design. The front portion of this air cooler is mostly the area covered by the air vent (which is very large). Hindware Snowcrest has a high air delivery of 3300 m ^ 3 / hr due to its powerful fan and large air vent.

It has honeycomb pads on all three sides to aid easy cooling, these pads are made of wood-wool. Which allows the water to spread evenly and then combines with the fan to provide a good humidification / cooling effect. It also has a 4-way air deflection technique to ensure that air reaches every corner of the room / space.

This hindware snowcrest air cooler has a water inlet on the front side, which opens up and you can manually pour in water or use a hose with the help of a mug to fill the water tank faster. Even you have a water level indicator to know when you need to fill water and when you are not.

This hindware desert air cooler has 4 castor wheels fitted to the bottom of its body structure, which runs smoothly throughout the house. This desert cooler is compatible with an inverter. It has two controls just above the air vent, which can be used to control the wind speed and swing / pump.

10. Bajaj Frio 23 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler

Bajaj has released yet another air cooler which is so good that we have to include it among the top 10 air coolers in India. The Bajaj Frio is a personal air cooler that has gained popularity for its efficiency. This air cooler has a lightweight plastic based body structure. It is not very large in size and is only suitable for cooling small spaces and rooms. It can be moved smoothly from one location to another because it has pre-cast casters at the bottom of the structure.

This air cooler from Bajaj has a simple design, a type seen in almost all individual coolers. The air that the air cooler throws out has movable blinds that guide the airflow. The water tank can go up to 23 cm and is located just below the fan. There is a water level indicator that is located down the front side. This will tell you when you need to refill the air cooler.

This Bajaj personal air cooler has an icebox fitted upwards. There are two controls next to it which can be used to control ‘wind speed’ and ‘swing / pump’. Since this air cooler is compact, it only requires the use of a honeycomb pad which is located on the backside. It has an overflow water outlet just below the honeycomb pad to prevent water flow.

Complete Air Cooler Buying Guide:

Now that you have decided that you want to buy an air cooler, let us go through some such points that you should keep in mind while buying.

Keep a fixed budget:

One of the most important things before buying anything is to make sure how much you can spend on it. Since the difference in air cooler prices is almost minor, if you have no budget, choosing it will become a difficult task. You can start looking at the air cooler, which costs Rs.6000 and finally an air cooler, which costs Rs.12000. Therefore, be sure to keep a fixed budget.

what is the purpose:

For what purpose do you need an air cooler? Is it to cool your living room, small room, balcony, kitchen, storeroom, outdoor use? Where are you going to put this air cooler? You should know about these factors only then you will be able to buy the right air cooler.

Check out the features:

Just because you have got an air cooler which is not cheap, it means that it will have all the features that you want. Be sure to check out the various features that air coolers have to offer; Mobility, water tank capacity, air delivery speed, icebox, etc. You must check all these features before purchasing an air cooler.
Quality check:

Make sure you check the quality of the air cooler body and the fan motor. If either of these is of inferior quality, do not buy that air cooler, as it will not have a long lifespan. Try to buy branded air coolers, they are not very expensive and they guarantee quality.

Make sure you get the benefits:

It is possible that air cooler companies are now offering warranties and are guaranteed to choose them. This will be beneficial for you in case something happens to your air cooler.

You need to keep in mind when purchasing an air cooler. Now that being said, let us tell you some of the best and reliable brands from where you can buy high quality air coolers.

Best Air Cooler Brands in India in 2021:

1. Bajaj

One of the oldest brands which has been in the market for quite some time. The air coolers fitted by Bajaj are simple and get the job done. They are a bit expensive in terms of their designs, which is because they are made of good materials. In addition, these air coolers come with a warranty.


This air cooler brand is very much a hit nowadays. The air coolers provided by Crompton look stylish and are good with people’s home. They are made of hard-plastic and good quality material hence making them a good air cooler. These air coolers also come with a warranty.

2. Symphony

Like Bajaj, Symphony has also been selling air coolers and other electrical products in India for a long time. These products get good reviews and great performance. Symphony-produced air coolers are stylish and simple, both at the same time. They provide high-speed air and a good cooling effect. These air coolers also come with a warranty.

3. Hindware

It is more as a modern brand, but it produces some very good air coolers. They are stylish, powerful and available in various types. These air coolers also come with a warranty.

Well, these were some of the best air cooler brands in India. These brands have demonstrated their capabilities by producing efficient and reasonably priced air coolers. Now we share with you some tips for better cooling.

Some cooling tips for air coolers

1. Cross-ventilation:

Since air coolers work on the principle of adding moisture to the air, it is necessary to keep some windows or doors open while you are running. Because, after a while, these air coolers will make the air very moist and hence you start to feel sticky as well as warm. Cross-ventilation will allow you to replace the indoor with new ‘dry air’, which will then prevent the entire room from getting too moist.

2. Add Ice:

As the water drips inside the cooler, along the sides and through the honeycomb pad, to give a cooling effect. If that water is cooled, the cooling effect will increase and your room will cool faster. So, just pour ice into the ice-box or directly inside the water tank.

3. Clean your cooler:

For any thing to function properly it should be maintained regularly. This includes proper cleaning of the water tank, changing the hive pad and changing the water regularly.

By following these steps you will see that your air cooler is cooling better now. Now, answer some common questions.

Air Cooler FAQs

Which is the best air cooler 2021 in india

This is a relative question because there can be many coolers that are ‘best’ but in different domains. The best can be the desert air cooler or the best tower air cooler. It also depends on the price and features offered. To give you an insight here are the best air coolers for different types:

1. Best Desert Air Cooler: Hindware Snowcrest 50
2. Best Personal Air Cooler: Hindware Snowcrest 85-H
3. Best Tower Air Cooler: Flipkart Smartboy Alpine Tower Air Cooler

Which brand of air cooler is the best in India

The best brands that produce air coolers that are efficient and worth their money are: Hindware, Symphony, Crompton and Bajaj.

Does air cooler really work
Yes, air coolers actually work; They cool the air. But there are some factors that you have to keep in mind to work properly:
1. You must allow cross ventilation while using the air cooler.
2. You have to keep water in your air cooler, cold water will help speed up the process.
3. You must maintain and clean your air cooler.

Does the air cooler consume more power than the fan

Yes, they consume more electricity. Air coolers consume about 35% -40% more power than regular fans.

Does the air cooler work like an AC

No, it does not work like AC. An air cooler uses a combination of high-speed winds of water to add moisture to the air and give a cooling effect. On the other hand, AC uses gaseous materials to provide you with cool air.

Is air cooler better than air conditioner

There is no correct answer. It depends on the person-to-person. Both have equal sets of pros and cons. Like air coolers only work properly in dry areas, while AC consumes too much power and leaves too much heat while running. To get you guessed, more people opt for AC than coolers.

Which is a better desert cooler or room cooler

The desert cooler is a better option because it allows the outside air to enter. So as to prevent the room from getting too much moisture and sticky. A room cooler, on the other hand, tends to make the room moist and, if cross-ventilation is not done properly, reduces the cooling effect.

What is the difference between tower fan and air cooler

A tower fan is, basically, simply a fan that rotates while standing in one place. It is ineffective on very hot days. A tower air cooler, on the other hand, is an air cooler shaped like a tower and provides the surroundings with a cooling effect.

Can we use air cooler without water

Yes. you can use it. However, this is not preferred as in many cases the motor burns out. And using an air cooler without water is like using a normal fan, it will not be as effective

Is air cooler good for health

Yes it is. As it does not use any harmful substances, it only uses water. It is not harmful to you.

Can we put ice in the air cooler

Yes, you can put ice in the air cooler. It is recommended that you do this to get the best cooling experience.

Does the air cooler cause cold

It does not necessarily cause cold. If you are already cold and you are sitting in front of the air cooler then you can catch the cold.

They were the best air cooler For room 2021 in India with price!

Well, it’s everyone! We hope you have found this article informative and worth your time. The features and prices we describe are the actual features and prices. There is no information here. We hope that now you will be able to buy air coolers easily with the help of this guide.