How Gaming Industry is Becoming Important in India?

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Since the pandemic hits India lockdown has overtaken the whole country. Due to the pandemic lockdown, people have had more time on their hands at home. So the gaming industry in India has a chance to become important. 

To avoid depression or for entertainment purposes, people get attracted to mobile, PC, and video gaming.

At the time of COVID-19, the gaming industry was increasing rapidly because people were more likely to play games, demanding immersive entertainment as they were looking for easier way to spend their days. Thus, the gaming industry become important and is growing quickly.

Since India reports a growth of roughly 150 million new online gamers in just two years, gaming platforms are grabbing the market. 

The reach of online gamers is expected to be approximately 4 billion by the end of 2025.

How Big Is the Gaming Industry in India?

The market value of the online gaming industry across the India in current year (2022) is 120 billion Indian rupees; back in 2 years, this figure was around half of now.

Mobile gaming users outnumber PC or console gaming users since it is difficult to build your gaming computer or buy a console in this country because it is more expensive than phones.

Now, India is the second highest internet consumer with 560 million internet users. With an affordable smartphone and easy access to 4G-5G high-speed internet connection, mobile gaming has become the fastest-growing industry

India’s gaming industry is now 145 Billion INR ensuring that gaming startup firms could create a lack of job opportunities in the nation.

Over 550 companies support India’s gaming industry, including Paytm First Games, Games2Win, Hyperlink InfoSystem, Zensar Technologies, Octro, 99 Games, and Dream 11 are play a significant role in mobile gaming whereas Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation as takeover in console and video gaming. 

So, this is how big our gaming industry is and growing quickly. 

Future of the Gaming Industry in India 2024

Entrepreneurs in the gaming business anticipate that the gaming sector will provide job prospects and shape to India’s future. It is expected that the market value of gaming platforms will exceed that of the music, film, and television industries.

It is the first time gaming has been listed in India’s financial budget for the year 2022. They discussed how the AVGC sector, which stands for Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics, will present a tremendous chance for the younger generation as well as provide jobs for them. 

There is mention of a task group that was formed to service the existing market as well as the global market demand.

According to Forbes and researchers, the gaming business will be worth roughly $200 billion in 2025, and that number is only expected to rise as we go into the metaverse. A large sum of money will be invested in the gaming industry.

Gaming is about game creation, game creators, and gaming-related entrepreneurship. These industries are all developing faster than others. People and businesses are learning about the gaming industry. 

As we all know, Microsoft believes in gaming, as evidenced by its purchase of Activision Billazard earlier this year. Imagine the other potential that India will provide to the world of gaming.

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So, How has the Gaming Industry become important in India?

India holds one percent of the global online gaming industries and data from IMI says there were about 430 million Indian gamers in 2021 and the number can increase to 650 million by the end of 2025 because…

Affordable Internet Connection

For a long time, India was a country where people were unaware of the internet. The Internet has had a significant impact on India’s gaming platform. In 2016, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries, introduced Jio in the Indian market, where customers have been accustomed to and satisfied with their internet data plan.

Indian people are increasingly using the internet regularly. As a result, kids began to spend the majority of their time on their phones.

Rise in Penetration of Smartphones

Consumers in India are more likely to be drawn to low-cost goods. And Xiaomi was well aware of Indian people’s mentalities. Xiaomi, China’s Apple, has announced its Redmi brand of smartphones with 4G and 5G capabilities at a low price.

People in India choose to buy smartphones rather than computers or gaming consoles to play games. As a result, mobile gaming has grown in popularity in India.

Advertising and Influencers

What role did influencers and advertising have in the growth of India’s gaming industries? Influencing and advertising about games inform people about the how, why, and what of games.

These are methods for increasing visibility. When someone promotes a product or service, it helps to raise brand awareness.

Medium of Entertainment

When the pandemic hit India and sudden lockdown incurred, jobs got hold and no new source of entertainment was there. Many folks who were stranded at home found internet gaming to be a wonderful relief.

During these stressful times, online gaming became not just a source of pleasure for people, but also a source of distraction and relaxation.

Now, how Gaming Industry is Helping India?

These are the aspects that India gets support from the gaming industry. How gaming become entertaining to people, business & career opportunities for Youth,

Gaming as India’s Entertainment

How does the gaming industry entertain India? Reports say gaming is become one of India’s most loved industries. As gaming industry generated more revenue than the music, film, and television industries did.

People choose to have game time when they are stressed or to have fun. Studies show that playing games is the best workout for the brain. It boosts your brain activity and creativity.

Indian people prefer gaming as their entertainment purpose because they move on from being watching to being playing.

Gaming as India’s Youth Career

It’s perfectly good to pursue a career in the gaming industry. This industry is one of the most highly growing industries in India. If you’re someone who good at something in the gaming industry whether it is a game designer, game developer, animator, or sound designer, there are many routes to make your first steps in gaming as a career.

It becomes a good career option for people who are creative, innovative, and have a passion for doing something extraordinary in developing games.

Gaming as India’s Profitable Business

Can Gaming be a good business? It is estimated that India’s gaming industry generated more than INR 1500cr. Net revenue during this period and could reach up to INR 5000cr in 2024.

The gaming sector generates more revenue than the music and film industries combined. To start gaming for a business purpose, all it needs name of the company, registration of the company, accountant for the company, and the website of the company. 

Conclusion: Why the Gaming Industry is Important?

From Being considered ill by worried parents who would struggle to get their kids off video games, now being seen as an important pillar of the economy worth around 90 billion dollars and creating a lot of job opportunities for India’s youth generation? 

Due pandemic hit India and the lockdown affected nearly all the industries around the world. But, the gaming industry was at its peak. 

The film and music industry was shut but the gaming industry was at its peak because people started staying home longer time. 

It is reported that India had 433 million active gamers in FY21 and this number is expected to go up to 657 million in FY25. 

By device penetration, in India, 94% of us play games on mobile because India is the first mobile economy. PCs and computers are 9% whereas gaming consoles are 4%. So this concludes the topic of how the gaming industry becomes important in India and how it helps India economically.

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