Top 10 Best Door Locks In India

Are you also searching for the best door locks in India for your home, then you have chosen the right place, the security of your home office and your precious places is very important because the risk of theft does not come to anyone, so in which good The best door locks in India are always needed in such a way that quality and facilities are available?

Due to the huge population in India, it is also necessary to have good door locks for the house and we must have knowledge about them before taking the best door locks otherwise you may choose a bad item due to which you No one can save money, time and home theft problems so we need to be sure about the features and types of locks, and what will suit our needs in the best possible way. Apart from this, some things are discussed below to choose the best door locks for your homes.

Best Door Lock in India

1. Ozone: Door Lock Design in India

Need the best door lock? Ozone offers a wide range of digital locks for doors that offer unmatched protection, practicality, and elegance. The streamlined and adaptable design body is suitable for glass, aluminum, and wooden gates. Moreover, ozone has the best house door locks which are stylish and are made of aluminum alloy. Additionally, it has a nice finish that makes it a top door lock company in India.


  • The stainless steel finish prevents corrosion, thus they are corrosion-free.
  • This latch offers improved toughness and longevity.
  • It is simple to install and utilize.
  •  Best locks brand in India
  • Check the Dorset locks price list below.

India’s Top 10 Door Lock Brands: Best Rated Door Locks

10. Kich

Kich provides top-quality and durable door locks, but these aren’t perfect for low-budget buyers. Also, Kich offers a large variety of door hardware at affordable prices, making them an excellent choice for homes, offices, and other commercial buildings.

Also, the brand is known for its strength, stunning aesthetics, and unique designs. The company’s sales network spans 54 product galleries, two application centers, and over 600 dealers across India.

The company, founded in 1992, excels in the architectural hardware category. This brand promotes a culture of mutual trust and satisfaction with its customers. It serves customers with uncompromising commitment, offering superior quality, value, and reliability.

The company also boasts an extensive network of 54 70 marketing executives. These features help this brand to stand out from the rest. Despite a decline of ten years, the number of burglaries perpetrated in the United States still topped 900,000 in 2020.

According to the FBI, Door locks are a major factor in keeping this trend going by deterring potential trespassers and ensuring your privacy. There is a vast selection of locks available on the market.

Understanding their major differences is vital to selecting the best one for your establishment. Check out our guide to find out about seven types of door locks, their functions, operations, and when you should make use of these locks.

9. McCoy 8M

The McCoy 8M door lock brand is manufactured by a company in Aligarh, UP. Its main focus is on high-quality products. Its products are made from a marine-grade corrosion-resistant material.

In addition to its premium quality, it offers several other benefits. The company also provides key duplication services and the installation of different types of door locks. The country’s McCoy 8M door lock brand is designed for homes and commercial buildings. It comes in a variety of colours and design options.

Among them are the solid-color hinges and the heavy-duty ones. The latter is ideal for repairing windows with double glazing. Their three-dimensional adjustment features make them highly desirable.  


IPSA offers a full range of Digital and Intelligent Locks like Fingerprint/Biometric Locks, Keypad/Password Locks, Hotel Locks, RF cards, Personal Safes, and Electronic Safes. All these lock brands ensure exclusive and innovative innovations to suit the requirements of every segment. 

The IPSA Group has had a presence in the Indian market since 1995. The company is present in all international sub-continents. The range of products includes over 2000 SKUs.

The company has a renowned reputation for its price-to-quantity ratio and complies with international standards. Its luxury range offers a unique blend of elegance and security.

Apart from that, these products are known for their long life span. In addition to this, IPSA Door Locks also come with a variety of finishes and features. Choosing IPSA as your door lock brand is a great choice. These locks are easy to install and have scratch-free bodies, which makes them suitable for all rooms of your home. 

7. Spider

The Spider door lock brand is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that manufactures a wide range of mortice locks and handles. Its Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh manufacturing facility is spread over 10,000 square meters and has in-house facilities for electrophoretic & electrostatic lacquering, powder coating, and CNC wire cutting.

Its tool room is fully equipped with CNC machines, modern milling machines, and surface grinding machines. The company is a leader in the manufacturing of locks and latches. Its products are high-quality and reasonably priced.

For example, the company’s cylindrical entrance latches are made of sturdy steel metal with a polished brass finish. Its mortice locks, on the other hand, are made from zinc alloy and steel and have a side key and knob.

All of these features contribute to their high level of protection. They can be used on doors ranging from 30mm to 45mm thick. They are available in several finishes and colors.

Spied locks feature two deadbolts and are a good choice for main doors with a thickness of up to 80mm.  

6. Atom

Atom Door Locks by Wolf Enterprises is a brand of security locks that is renowned for its good quality and design. Its manufacturing facility is based in Tala Nagri in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

These brands offer security solutions, including deadlocks, padlocks, shutter locks, and key duplication. In addition to providing locking solutions, these brands also provide installation services.  

The interlock door lock is a popular choice among the many Atom door lock models. Its design features a sophisticated interlocking mechanism that makes it extremely effective.

These locks come with 2 handy keys made from stainless steel and iron. You’ve got locks for the main door and any door leading to different rooms. Several styles are available on the market, ranging from a basic cylinder lock to a decorative designer model.

Made from stainless steel, Atom locks are both durable and attractive. A few locks are equipped with a drill-resistant plate and a hardened shackle, making them nearly impossible to break. In addition to a superior design, Atom also offers three keys.  

5. Milano

The Milano Door Lock range of door locks has been a popular choice for homeowners. This range of door locks is characterized by its Italian design. These locks are available in different designs and are very affordable.

The Parma Round Rosette, for instance, is an extremely easy-to-install door handle. It has a steel matte finish and comes with four keys. It is an excellent option for interior doors and is recommended for single-panel doors.

The latches of this brand’s locks are easily repairable and feature a solid lock on the main door. Moreover, its handle is made of zinc alloy and brass, which means it is extremely durable and resistant to damage.

The main lock comes with three keys. This brand is known for its anti-corrosion technology. Its double-stage lock is an added feature.

4. Yale

Yale is one of the oldest door lock manufacturers in the world, and it is now a part of the Assa Abloy Group. It has patents on dozens of products and distributes them in over 120 countries.

With its headquarters in Sweden, Yale wanted to expand into India and conduct brand-building activities for the Indian market. It teamed up with GlocalEdge Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Ltd., a global digital marketing agency.

Some of the Yale locks are very sophisticated. These are controlled by Bluetooth and usually require a mobile application to operate. This makes it easy for the owner to restrict access to suspicious individuals and not allow the wrong people to gain access to their homes.  

For consumers in India, the digital locks by Yale are a premium product that costs a small fortune. However, this doesn’t mean Yale doesn’t care about your pocket.

The company has developed a contest that rewards those who complete a short video and answer three simple questions to win a digital Yale lock. The campaign was so popular that it even got a Facebook page with over 30 thousand fans! 

3. Dorset

As a leading door lock brand in India, Dorset is known for its quality and innovative products. These locks have several benefits, including four access modes, home automation, anti-theft mode, double authentication, and automatic locking.

They have various other benefits like electronic safes, furniture locks, and door control devices. These locks are available at competitive prices in the market. You can find a wide variety of Dorset locks to choose from.

Dorset India is a leading architectural hardware manufacturer in India, providing affordable and durable door solutions. With decades of experience and knowledge, Dorset offers professional-grade door solutions for every type of door.

Whether you’re looking for high-security locks for your front door or back door, Dorset is the ideal choice. Dorset locks are available at competitive prices on AMAZON.IN. Plus, they can be delivered to any part of India.

When choosing a door lock for your home, remember to consider the security features you need. Godrej door locks incorporate innovative technology to keep you and your family safe.

If you need to change or replace a lock, simply contact the company to get it replaced. Godrej door locks can blend in seamlessly with your contemporary interior design.  

2. Godrej

Godrej Door Locks is the go-to option for many homeowners with its diverse range of products. They can be purchased for as little as a few hundred rupees, while the higher-end models can cost up to thirty-four thousand.

The Godrej door lock brand has been providing homeowners in India with security and innovation since 1931. Made from stainless steel, the cylindrical lock can withstand high-end pressures and high-security conditions.

The waterproof features help the lock snot to corrode easily and ensure maximum security. Godrej uses colors that ensure an elegant finish, making these locks ideal for both residential and commercial doors. Their locks generally come with three keys and are compatible with various door types.  

For security purposes, Godrej provides a free installation service for wooden doors. If you misplace your keys or lock them inside the house, you can easily ask for help by calling the customer service of Godrej.

The company is available round the clock for repairs or replacements. It also has a wide variety of replacements for the lock, which can be a hassle-free process. Apart from premium door locks, Godrej Door Locks provides security features, including biometric technology. In terms of safety, Godrej has always served as a top brand. 

1. Ozone

With the growing demand for smooth functioning door locks in India, Ozone Door Lock Brands in India has come up with various models. These locks are available in various designs and offer many features.

In addition to monitoring who enters your house, these locks provide one-time passwords for your guests, keep track of previous openings, and even indicate battery levels. Aside from reducing one-to-one contact with the door lock, these models also offer the user peace of mind.

The company was established in 1999 and has since expanded its operations into Urban Street Furniture and Digital Safes & Locks. With a strong distribution network in India, Ozone offers businesses and homeowners a full range of high-quality safety solutions.

Ozone Electronic Safes are available offline and online. They come with 10000 code combinations, so it is easy to choose a combination. Once you’ve entered the code, the lock will lock automatically after 5 minutes.

Moreover, Ozone’s Electronic Safe uses two or three steel latch pins and a high-quality servo motor, so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys. The brand offers a variety of security products for home, office, and hotel rooms.

The product line includes digital door locks, RFID card locks, video door phones, license plate readers, and mobile vehicle surveillance. The company also offers free door delivery and a store invitation.

This helps customers purchase the product of their choice without any hassles. And since the products are made of top-quality materials and features, they can be trusted for security.