Top 3 Best Solar Panel In India 2021

Best Solar Panel In India:-India being a sub-tropical country,  most of the country has about 300 clear, sunny days, meaning that India is blessed with an abundance of solar energy. It is calculated that India receives about 5,000 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy in the form of solar radiation every year.

Tapping into this energy could be a solution to the growing green-energy crisis. Using solar energy to power the entire house itself is something that is relatively new to this country.

If you are looking to tap into this plenteous energy, we have got some vital information for you, which will help you in exploiting this inexhaustible energy to the fullest. The first and foremost thing that you will need is the Best Solar Panel In India.

Before getting into that, it is worth knowing the various types of solar panels available, how they work, and what are there pros and cons, to help make a better decision before investing in the solar panels you want.

Don’t worry; we won’t get into a lot of the technicalities and will explain them without much jargon.

Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels

  • By installing a solar panels system, you will never face any issue of power cuts.
  • It is a one-time investment
  • The solar panel requires very minimal maintenance, and it provides you continuous supply of electricity
  • The primary material is sunlight, which is available for free and is in abundance. It is one of the open natural sources for producing electricity.
  • It also helps in reducing consumption and managing your electricity bills.
  • You will also get a subsidy from the Indian government.
  • The house will get a continuous supply of electricity. The electricity generated by the battery is stored and connected to a home inverter.
  • Therefore, dependency on primary grade for electric supply reduces drastically.

Buy The Best Solar Panel In India – A complete Buying Guide

Most of us are unaware of knowledge regarding renewable energy sources and how we are using them to conserve energy. The solar panel is one of those products which help in the same direction. Instead of using the conventional ways of producing electricity, it uses solar energy to do the same. But since most of us are not privy to this concept, it becomes a little difficult to choose a product.

We have made a list of things that you need to know and the factors that one needs to consider before buying a solar panel. We have broken down the information in simple terms for you to have better knowledge of a product you are going to buy.

There are a number of factors that go into building a solar panel. Like the type of cells used, the material of the glass, the electricity capacity, and many more. But first understanding then researching them in all products will only be a tough task for you and one that is definitely not necessary. So we have combined all in one list so you can save up your time along with saving electricity and extra bucks on your electricity bills.

Check what factors we consider while listing the best solar panels for you.

1. Size

The electricity capacity of a solar panel depends on its size. A bigger solar panel will absorb greater sunlight. The more sunlight it absorbs, the greater is the end product – electricity. Therefore, a greater surface area helps in the larger production of electricity and greater absorption of sunlight or solar energy for consumption.

2. Warranty

Since the product has to be used for a long period of time, it is only a wise decision to make sure you are buying a product of quality. Needless to say, an ensured warranty should be one of your top priorities.  Solar Panels are products that you cannot fix on your own. It is up to the company and the manufacturer to make sure they have delivered the right product and it works fine. A solar panel is made of glass and it makes it a very delicate product. Warranty insurance is a minimum to ask for while buying it.

3. Durability

Solar panels nowadays use tough materials and take extra measurements to keep the product durable. Since solar panels are very fragile and delicate, the material they are made of decides a lot of the durability features. Extra coatings on the glass and tough materials used on the structure and the frame of the panels are a few things you can look into.

4. Budget

Budget can be the first thing that should be considered while purchasing anything. We have all kinds of solar panels based on per watt. To get the genuine price, you should think about your requirements whether you want a higher watt panel or a smaller one. All you just need to set a budget limit and find options from our selected solar panels.

5. Efficiency

Last but not the least; efficiency is one of the most important factors in a solar panel. Its efficiency depends on how much of the solar energy it absorbs does it convert to electricity. Not only that, it is also determined by how much it works under harsh weather conditions. Solar panels that work well under low light and cloudy days are bound to deliver better results in place of solar panels that don’t.

1. Luminous 325Watts Solar Panels Poly Crystalline

Best Solar Panel In India

Luminous power technologies are one of the leading and trustworthy brands of India that come with a variety of products within an affordable price range. Starting with battery, inverter, fans, lighting to solar panel Lumnous manufactures all of it. This solar panel from Luminous is a mid-range product that has lots of features and capabilities. The build quality of the panels, the design, and the placement position, everything is well organized and properly thought. Let’s talk about the product to know more in detail.

Main Features

  • This Luminous solar panels can also be connected to your home inverter to produce electricity so that you can use it in your residence and office areas.
  • The output of these solar panels is 325 watts; this means a decent amount of electric gadgets can be operated using this power supply system i.e., a fan, two lights, and one television as well for as long as it provides you with electricity supply.
  • The space that is required for these solar panels is only 20sq. Feet on the roof, and make sure to place them on a place where they can get direct sunlight to recharge themselves.
  • Two batteries of 12 volts can be added to these solar panels in the long run.
  • The EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) will provide better protection to the modules of these panels.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The charging time of these solar panels is pretty quick. The direct sunlight from 11 am to 3 pm can get the panels fully charged and is ready to provide you with decent services.
  • These ultra-durable solar panels from Luminous is made of Poly Crystalline material that is very lightweight and is an advanced technology to last longer than any other panels in the market available right now.
  • Luminous believes excellent product-quality, and this is why they are providing these panels with 25 years of performance warranty.
  • This panel comes with anti-reflective coating so that it can absorb more light to recharge properly.
  • The safety of these panels is the top priority. PID (Potential-induced degradation) technology will keep the panels safe against power loss due to bad weather conditions or lightning as well.
  • It will provide you with excellent performance even if the weather is cloudy or in the evening time.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • There were no negative points found.

2. Microtek Solar Panel MTK

Best Solar Panel In India

Microtek is one of the leading companies in the world that manufactures power products such as inverter batteries, UPS, and solar panels as well. Microtek has always been known for its top-quality products, and these pocket-friendly solar panels are no exception either. They are durable, long-lasting, and come with many features.

Main Features

  • This Microtek solar panel is a 150-watt powered panel that will allow you to use a decent number of electrical appliances for a limited time too.
  • This high-efficiency solar panels observe the sunlight and create power in the peak hour to provide you with its services later.
  • The cost of this product is very affordable when compared to performance.
  • These solar panels from Microtke are weatherproof. This means even if there is any storm, rain, or even snowstorm, they won’t stop working and also be in the top-class condition as if nothing happened. It has been tested in more than 20 houses.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The panels are made with heavy-duty aluminum frames that are heat resistant as well as have cleared the freeze test too.
  • This aluminum alloy junction box is corrosion-resistant, which is why even in rainy seasons when it is openly placed on the roof, it does not affect the performance or does not get covered with rust. It is IP65 certified all-weather resistant.
  • In the peak hours, they charge themselves, and this process completes very quickly.
  • These Microtek solar panels are giving you the trust of 25 years with a warranty; in any case of dispute, it will be repaired.
  • 3.2mm EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) is there to protect all the 36 modules.
  • In low light conditions or cloudy days, the performance of this panel is exceptional.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • No negative points were found.


Best Solar Panel In India

Loom Solar Panel comes with best-in-class efficiency and works on innovative cell technology to ensure optimum solar power generation. It is built with high-quality glass and solar cells for higher performance during low-light and cloudy weather.

Loom solar is one of the solar companies in India that makes mono panels using perk cells in a 12-volt design. It has a built of ultra cleared tempered glasses that do not break easily.

Main Features

  • 50 watt power efficiency 12 volt mono PERC panels have innovative cell technology
  • This technology is of A+ grade and contains anti PIC mono cells
  • The solar panel is built with high-quality glass and solar cell
  • It includes 4 busbars, 36 cells and IP67 rated junction box with MC4 compatible cable connector for high module efficiency

PROS (What we liked)

  • It ensures optimum solar generation and provides value for money
  • This solar panel provides high performance in low-light and cloudy weather
  • It has a small size and is lightweight and portable

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • No negative points observed


Our experts have spent several hours shortlisting the options for the best solar panel in India. Solar panels are a step towards the conservation of the environment and a more eco-friendly future. Using renewable resources to the fullest is the best and only option to save diminishing resources and also save the environment in general. Continuance of the same activities will keep on harming the environment.

Solar Panels are smart products that make use of solar energy to give a very necessary end product without which life in this world is not possible. It is one of the smartest ways we have found to fulfill our needs and simultaneously conserve the environment. Not only that, it saves you from the extra buck that you pay on your electricity bills. Along with that, solar energy is a resource you can trust not to run out of. It ensures a supply of electricity you can trust and not have to deal with power cuts.

After reading this guide, you must have an idea of which solar panel you require for your home. To quickly browse the list of best solar panels in India with discounted prices. Shop now!

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