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Best 8 Port WiFi Smart Switch Board India (2021)

Best 8 Port WiFi Smart Switch Board India | Buy Amazon

  • This is WiFi enabled 8-port Smart Switch Board
  • a replacement to ordinary modular switch plates.
  • It provides you 6 smart switches + 2 smart plugs
  • 8 module configuration and 7 smart switches
  • 1 smart plug in 6 module configurations.
  • Smart Switch, Smart Plug can be individually
  • controlled from AMAZON ALEXA, GOOGLE
  • Manual override switch allows you to control
  • your appliance manually. Smarteefi App
  • allows you to lock/unlock manual control.
  • Switches and Plugs also restores last state
  • in Power-Cut/Power-Resume scenarios.
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Best Modular WiFi Smart Switch Board India (2021)

Modular WiFi Smart Switch Board | Buy On Amazon

  • LED indicator light for connection status and current
  • switch state (ON/OFF).Always get the correct status.
  • Configurable restore behavior(on power cut/resume).
  • RESTORE option remembers switch state before Power-OFF
  • Takes it back to same state on power resume.
  • Other options – “Always OFF”, “Always ON”
  • ON/OFF control from APP even without Internet
  • (Smarteefi APP and Devices need to be on same WiFi network)
  • App notification support. When away from home,
  • can get notification if someone is switching ON/OFF in your absence.
  • Manual Operation “Lock/Unlock” facility, blocks manual operation of switches
  • Monthly Energy consumption reports*
  • (based on duration of switch ON state and load attached to it)
  • Lifetime free Firmware/”Over the Air” upgrade
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