Best kitchen chimney brand in India 2021

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Today we will tell you in detail in this article about the brands of Chimney which are available in India, in which you can buy a Top best Chimney in India.

Cooking in the kitchen and the smoke and smell emanating from the food is not only the cook, but all the family living in the home has to face it, so applying Chimney in the kitchen is a great way and you can also cook and breathe.

Most of the household kitchens have oil tempering, due to which the level of the walls and tiles of the kitchen has deteriorated and over time the tile becomes smooth and the walls, tiles, and other things kept in the kitchen are also bad. Today’s time and modular kitchen is available in all Indian homes, due to which all these problems are caused by all of you. To make your kitchen clean and free from odor, we have made a list of Top Chimney Brands In India available in India which will give you Will help a lot which brand you should take

Top 5 Chimney Brands In India 2021

Here Are The Top Chimney Brands In India 2021

  1. Hindware 60cm 1100 M3/Hr Kitchen Chimney 
  2. Elica 60 Cm 1100 M3/Hr Kitchen Chimney
  3. Sunflame 60 Cm 1100 M3/Hr Chimney
  4. Inalsa 60 Cm 875 M3/HR Pyramid Chimney
  5. Faber 90 Cm 1200 M3/Hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

Best Kitchen Chimney In India 2021 From Top Brands

1.Hindware 60cm 1100 M3/Hr Kitchen Chimney | Learn More


Top Chimney Brands In India


It is one of the highest-rated product over industries these days.  It is a very compact product taking much less space. The LED lights give the kitchen the brightness it needs and is energy efficient too. Its motor is long-lasting and houses a long life too.They can be used extensively without maintenance worries and furnishes a transparent plate that adds class to the kitchen and space auspicious.

Hindware Sabina Black 60 is suitable for kitchen with two to the four-burner stove. This wall-mounted chimney comes with a suction power of 1100 m3 per hour. It is suitable for deep-frying and grilling.The motor of this chimney comes with a power of 200 Watt and houses a push-button control system for ease of operation. In this, the baffle filter is quite effective in cleaning all the mess inside your kitchen.

Unlike other variants, it requires regular cleaning for better performance and suitable for a kitchen size around 200 square ft. Sabina Black 60 emits a maximum noise level of 58dB, and it is one of the best walls mounted chimney for Indian kitchens.The body material of this chimney is a blend of steel and glass, and the airflow displacement area is around 1100 cubic feet per minute. It comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty along with a five-year warranty on the motor.

Hindware 60cm 1100 M3/Hr Kitchen Chimney Key Features

  • Suitable for two to four burner stove
  • 1100 m3 per hour suction power
  • 200 Watt powerful motor
  • Baffle filter
  • Low noise level
  • 1100 cubic feet per minute airflow displacement area

2.Elica 60 Cm 1100 M3/Hr Kitchen Chimney |learn More


Top Chimney Brands In India


The chimneys from Elica comes with elating designs which enhances the look of your kitchen and fascinate your guests. Here the TCG SLIM BF 60 NERO model is just perfect for maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen apart from extra-ordinary performance.It houses metal grease filters, touch control, and push-button control as well. It is equipped with baffle filters which suits the requirement of Indian kitchen and seize the grease and oils of your kitchen and keep in fresh and hygienic.

The size of this chimney is around 60 cm and can accommodate two to four burners. With a suction capacity of 1100 m3 per hour, this chimney is perfect for heavy frying and grilling. It is a cost-effective one and utilizes less energy for its operation.You can use this chimney through its touch control as well as push-button control options, and both are equally effective. You need to clean this chimney in six months to enhance its performance.

Elica NERO 60 cm comes with curved glass black body, and the noise level is under the bar which offers a serene environment to your kitchen. It offers a warranty of one year for the machine and five years on the motor.

Elica 60 Cm 1100 M3/Hr Kitchen Chimney Key Features

  • 1100 m per hour suction power
  • Push button control
  • Curved glass
  • Lesser noise

3.Sunflame 60 Cm 1100 M3/Hr Chimney |Learn More


Top Chimney Brands In India


Sunflame Bella 60 BK is one of the most stylish chimneys for Indian kitchen and works quite efficiently. It has a unique centrifugal fan design and a powerful motor with rotation over 18000 rpm. The size of this chimney is 60 cm and suits a stove with two to four burner.It furnishes a curved body glass, and you can install it on the wall. The body as well as chimney comes with a black finish and furnishes a suction capacity of 1100 m3 per hour. The baffle filter is quite effective in filtering out oil and grease from your kitchen and allows fresh from passing in.

Bella 60 BK comes with LED light for ample lighting and is energy efficient. The chimney motor efficiency is around 190W and comes with a motor and turbine design, which prevents any vibration.The fan of this chimney produces less sound and create a calm environment for your kitchen. It also furnishes an innovative push-button control which offers much of the convenience. You can also regulate the speed level with the touch control option, which eases your cooking experience.It comes with a four-year warranty on the motor for user convenience.

Sunflame 60 Cm 1100 M3/Hr Chimney Key Features

  • Unique centrifugal fan design
  • Powerful motor with a rotation of 1800 RPM
  • Suitable for two to four stove burner
  • Curved body glass
  • 1100 m3 per hour suction capacity
  • Efficient baffle filter
  • Lesser noise level
  • Innovative push control button

4.Inalsa 60 Cm 875 M3/HR Pyramid Chimney | Learn More


Top Chimney Brands In India


If you want to give your kitchen a trendy look, then Inlsa 60 cm. Go with Smash 60 SSBF. It has a powerful motor that is the best in its class in terms of energy consumption and low noise. It also provides good suction capacity while maintaining freshness and hygiene.Inlsa 60 cm. Comes with better performance and is much cheaper for Indian buyers. Getting rid of the pollution formula is an attractive feature in the range of kitchen chimneys. Its stainless steel buffal filters work effectively and remove oil and grease.

The chimney allows a maximum airflow of 875 m3 per hour and comes with three speed settings. Its body gives SS Inox finish and noise around 65 dB.The push-button control is quite convenient to use, and you can change the speed of this chimney with it. Inlsa 60 cm. Cooking with the Smash 60 SSBF is really easy, and its pyramid design makes it look elegant. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the device.

Inalsa 60 Cm 875 M3/HR Pyramid Chimney Key features

  • Stainless steel baffle filter
  • Maximum air flow per hour
  • Three speed settings
  • Push button control system

5.Faber 90 Cm 1200 M3/Hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney | Learn More


Top Chimney Brands In India


Faber Kitchen Chimney comes with suction technology with excellent efficiency and high degree. The hood crest model here is an excellent combination of performance, elegance and flexibility. The chimney will add freshness and warmth to your kitchen and its three-speed setting enriches its functionality.It comes with a size of 90 cm and is suitable for three to five burner stoves of more than 200 square feet in size. Ease of maintenance, convenience makes it easy to use The hood crest model makes this chimney suitable for Indian kitchens. You don’t need to spend much time on the cleaning process.

The Faber chimney has a suction power of 1200 m3 / hr with low noise facility and efficiency to remove oil and other unwanted gases. Your high suction power and low noise allow you to cook your food in peace.The Faber Hood Crest kitchen chimney also has features like gesture control, through which you can control the suction speed by flapping your hand. You can also operate this chimney with its one-touch control panel.

This kitchen chimney touch panel is perfect for controlling three-speed settings, self-cleaning and non-features.It also has a self-cleaning feature, which is perfect for cleaning dirt without using your hands. The feature generates heat and forces oil and dirt to move into the collector.

The Faber Hood Crest Kitchen Chimney comes without any filters. It therefore has zero maintenance facility and its airflow is present during operation due to the location of its motor.It provides good lighting for your cooking with the help of LED lights on every corner of the chimney. The Hood Christ chimney is good for frying and grilling and comes with a five year warranty with a one year comprehensive warranty on the motor.

Faber 90 Cm 1200 M3/Hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney Key features

  • 3 Speed motion sensor touch control
  • Heat Autoclean 
  • 3-5 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys
  • Lamp : LED 2 x 1.5W